If you have been following PeopleMaps for any length of time then you probably are aware that we create all sorts of personality test.

I should explain this a little.

There is a common belief that there is “a personality test” – a single report. But this is not the case. You see everything you think or do; every decision you make and pretty much every aspect of your life, is affected by your personality.

This means that there are potentially unlimited subjects that could be talked about as regards your personality. At present PeopleMaps has written about over 1,000 of them.

There is no generic personality test. I know other providers lead you to that impression but that’s really just because they have a preferred format; a limited range of topics they prefer to talk about. They don’t want you asking about things they do not talk about.

PeopleMaps prefers to tell you as much about yourself, in as many diverse areas as possible. A personality test for everyone and about everything.

Personality Test for Businesses

PeopleMaps writes mostly about business applications. We help line managers with;

  • Recruitment
  • Staff retention
  • People Management
  • Staff performance
  • Teams

The PeopleMaps Control Room has over 100 topics that can help with all of the above.

Personal Development

PeopleMaps also writes training courses and personality reports on a range of personal development issues including;

  • What Job is Right For You
  • Unlock your potential
  • Interview Psychology
  • Starting your own business

PeopleMaps for Coaches

PeopleMaps is used by a number of coaches and therefore we provide other topics on diverse subjects such as driving and relationships. These are available to coaches inside the Coaches Library of the Control Room.

Personality Test for everyone

To date there are thousands of companies with a PeopleMaps account and over 1.4 million individuals. This is why we say PeopleMaps really is the personality test for everyone.

Whether you are a line manager needing help with recruitment or a coach helping someone with their divorce, we have topics that you can use. The more insight you have into your personality and how it affects various aspects of your life, the more likely you will make a breakthrough and solve a problem.

Personality really does affect every aspect of your life. PeopleMaps mostly writes about subjects relating to work and personal development but how you apply this understanding is very wide spread.

Teenagers can use it to manage their social lives better. Managers can use it to reduce stress in their employees.

Wives can use it to understand their husbands  – OK, that’s maybe a tall order, however lots of wives do use personality profiling.

The key thing to remember is its application. Knowing something about your personality is a waste of time if you do nothing with it. If a line manager learns how to reduce stress in one of their employees but takes no action, then it’s a waste of time.

So make the most of it. Discover things about yourself that you never knew but use it to advance your career or enjoy happier relationships or eliminate stress from your work.

PeopleMaps will provide you with a report on pretty much anything but it’s up to you to use it to go change your world for the better.


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