Here we are down at Stoneleigh Abbey for a filming session with Anne, Director of Psychology and co-founder of PeopleMaps.

The grounds are really quite stunning and we had hoped to carry out some of the filming outside, but the weather has been truly been awful. So here we are inside after quite an intense session:

PeopleMaps Filming

Being a family business we did have to bring the most important member along for the experience, and here he is doing what he does best – keeping himself busy online whilst we’re playing at film studios (after being removed from the ‘studio’ for a very bad Hitchcock impersonation and continual corpsing!).

Family Business

The weather was so bad that the river flooded – thankfully there’s a flood plain on the opposite side. I did run out between the torrential outbursts to try and capture the swollen river on film, and wanted to upload it to Flickr but haven’t managed to do that successfully yet.

Meantime, please do look out for the special limited edition report content coming at you — we’ve captured some really great content this week and have a few surprises in store.

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