You know, part of what we do here at PeopleMaps is help people understand themselves better, through the application of personality profiling.

In fact, ‘personality-centric living’ is pretty much core to our business – and, by its very nature, our personal lives too.

The business is run on these principles, we look to other sources of like-minded people to do business with and because so much of what we do is about the stuff we really love to do, it cannot easily be separated from our whole and complete lives.

If you are searching for some answers about your life – perhaps you’re looking to make your million, or perhaps you’re just looking for the “something more” you feel is out there, perhaps you need to start to look internally and discover who you really are, what comes naturally to you and what you’re passionate about. Think of it as a platform from which you can begin to forward.

This post was triggered by Chris Garrett’s latest post Just Like Breathing. You should give it a read – Chris always makes sense, and comes at it from his own personal viewpoint.

In case you missed it first time round, Martin put together a guest post over at What Would Dad Say that covers some of the same principles.

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