You have a Twitter account? Good, then we can continue… Wait a minute, you don’t have a Twitter account? Don’t go away – this post is also about saving lives. Really. Truly. It’s also about making money. And personality. All of these things in one post – how so?

1. Twitter to start with – it’s quick and easy. We have a new personality widget. Complete the questionnaire, and it’ll tell you what kind of a Twitterer/Tweeter/Twit? you are. We’ve integrated it with Twitter, so you can easily share your results with your followers. Heartily encouraged – it’s all a bit of fun. So far, we’ve heard it’s very accurate too! And there’s a special link on there we want lots of people to see. That brings me to the next point;

2. Saving lives. Yes, it’s true. We’ve managed to link Twitter, personality and life saving together. But it isn’t some random association. It’s all to do with a special man we call Dr Mani. Dr Mani is a heart surgeon based in India. Well over a year ago Dr Mani suggested we produce a Twitter personality report. It took us ages, but we’ve eventually done it – and the timing is good, because Dr Mani is launching a new book. So, we’ve decided to use our Twitter personality report to send people to a page that tells them all about Dr Mani’s new book. It’s our way of saying thank you – and supporting Dr Mani’s cause. All profits from Dr Mani’s book go to sponsor vital heart surgery for children. The book? Well, it’s called Think, Write, Retire – and that brings me on nicely to the next point;

3. Making money. Dr Mani has been turning his knowledge into information products for years – and taking that profit and turning it into heart operations. He believes you can too! Here’s a short interview with the man himself to reveal more:

Can anyone use your book to create wealth on the internet without giving up the safety of their current job?

My book, “Think, Write & Retire”, shares the lessons I learned myself over the last 14 years, creating and selling information products on the Web.

I believe that it is possible for anyone to follow the same system and create wealth – though it is not instant, effortless or even ‘guaranteed’ always.

Information is what drives people to access the Internet.  And information products have always been (and will continue to be) in demand – as long as the information is valuable, useful and serves a need/want.

‘Think, Write & Retire’ takes a detailed look at each stage of the process –

* identifying one’s own areas of expertise or ‘above average’ knowledge,
* seeing how to package it into a product or resource others will value,
* researching what others are buying or seeking, and then
* matching the expertise to existing demand to achieve sales and profit.

It is written and designed in a way that anyone, even without any prior experience in information marketing, can learn how to create wealth from being an infopreneur.

Your profits sponsor children’s heart surgery – do you think there’s more chance of internet success if the cause is charitable?

A couple of years ago, I was interviewed for a short piece in FAST COMPANY magazine, and the reporter asked me the same question.  I replied that, on average, promotions where I donate all my profits to charity pulled a conversion rate that’s higher by 20% to 25%.

On a larger scale, I believe that any business (on the Internet or off it) has a higher chance of succeeding when it evolves around a worthy purpose.  There are many possible reasons for this, and to satisfy my curiosity, I polled my customer list once and asked WHY they purchased from me.

An overwhelming 85% replied (to my astonishment) that it was because they knew the profits were going to a worthy cause – and that made them happier to spend money with me than anywhere else!

Until then, I had not made the fact (that a part of my profits go to fund heart surgery for kids) an integral part of my

But after the people who matter most (my clients) said that’s what was important to them above all else, I made sure this information was conveyed to all prospects… just like I’m doing with this new book launch, where I mention upfront that 100% of book sales profits are going to charity.

From the outset, you have been a fan of PeopleMaps personality testing. Do you think that any personality type can successfully create wealth on the internet?

I simply LOVE the way you’ve turned personality testing into a fun and interesting process through your quiz and with widgets.  The test itself is engaging and interactive, the results uncannily correct and the lessons or advice you make us derive from them certainly helps in making anyone who takes the test a more effective person.

Yes, I do believe any personality type can create wealth on the Internet.  Though the ‘best’ approach for each type of personality will be different.

In “Think, Write & Retire”, I get into this in a section dealing with the four major ‘business models’ on the Internet.  When you see how they each differ, you’ll also notice that some will fit specific personality types better than the others.

For instance, a naturally confident, outgoing, friendly and chatty personality may find direct selling and aggressive marketing activities a more natural fit, while the diffident, quiet and shy type of person may prefer to rely on an ad-supported content publishing model more attractive for wealth building on the Internet.

The nice thing about the Web is that it is so vast, diverse, and has people interested in so many different areas and topics that there is room for just about any personality type to achieve massive success – as long as the core tenets of passion, purpose and persistence are there!

If you have those, and want to learn the “how to” of wealth building as an information marketer, my book will be of some help.

So, what can you do next?

1. Visit the widget, complete the test and share your Twitter personality with your Followers.
2. Take a look and see if you’re interested in Dr Mani’s new book and order a copy.
3. Don’t forget to rate the report, and leave us a comment to let us know what you think.
4. Share it with friends. The more people you share it with, the more people hear about Dr Mani’s book, and more buyers, means more heart surgery = more kid’s lives saved. FOR REAL.

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