You mean you’re not yet on Twitter and you’re looking for a new job? You could well be missing out on your dream job – today! And it’s not the first time we’ve said it.

Okay, so Twitter isn’t going to be a silver bullet solution for everyone – but ignore the antics of so called celebrities and Twitter is currently a fruitful place to spend some time if you’re thinking about changing careers, nervous about your job, or plain and simply out of work.

Here’s some great stuff I found in less than 10 minutes through this morning’s links on Twitter ….

How Twitter found me a job

People to follow on Twitter to accelerate your jobhunt

SocialText’s free site for jobseekers

25 Twitter users for job-seekers to follow

Ten Ways to use Linkedin to find a job

Spend even half an hour each day on the platform and you will certainly learn heaps about job hunting, but even better – you’ll also create a very valuable personal network which could result in your making your career dreams come true.

Give it a go. Spend at least 30 minutes each day for a month and you’ll soon know where you want to take it. There’s plenty of social media experts out there who’ll tell you how to go about it all the right way. Just remember, be personable, be professional, be helpful, be respectful but most of all be social – it’s networking and research trimmed down to a sentence or two – but it’s powerful, effective and immediate. Now is the time – it might not be here forever ….

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