Where do I start? I guess the first place is that bastion of geek news, Techcrunch. More specifically, yesterday’s article about PeopleMaps.

What? We made Techcrunch? “Why didn’t you say? Hoorah!” I hear you cry.

We’ve been alerted (mostly in private you good souls, you) by many folks about the Techcrunch article – mainly in the spirit of “WTF”!!

The company that appeared on Techcrunch isn’t us, no. They couldn’t be us. They’re in a totally different business.

But why would they use our company name, when we’ve been using the name PeopleMaps since we started trading 9 years ago and already own tons of “PeopleMaps” web presence and ID’s?








Heck, we’re all over the place (yeah, I know there’s tons of legacy stuff that’s out there and needs updating). Actual people, in real life, know me as @peoplemapsjulie (I have dubious friends, yes).

You’ve got to wonder who made that naming decision, no?

Step forward the real PeopleMaps…

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