Don’t we all love compliments? Sure, sometimes it can be embarrassing – “Beautiful dress? What, this old thing. Got it in the sales…”

Whatever, it mostly makes your day and you want to share the news with someone. My friend called me from her mobile this week, to tell me she’d just received a call from a head-hunter. She was thrilled and embarrassed and immediately skeptical all at the same time. Fact is, I know she’s fabulous at her job (we’re ex-colleagues) and am just surprised she doesn’t receive more of the same. Perhaps we all need to hear more compliments than we currently get!

Today it happened to me. I’ve got my head down writing content for PeopleMaps, and over Skype IM I was alerted to a testimonial from a happy customer. We have lots of testimonials, but the thrill doesn’t ever go away, and so I wanted to indulge a little and share it with you;

I’ve just received and read your full report and I have to say it is extraordinary. Over the years I have completed many personality profiling exercises including Myers-Briggs and Archetypes, however none of them provided the insights and clarity of your report. Finally, after years of soul searching and unhappiness, I understand not only why I hate my job, but what to look for in a new one.
Many many thanks
Paul C, London
ps pls feel free to quote me on the above!

Thanks to Paul C. It’s always great to hear something so positive – and genuine. Who can you compliment today? You’re sure to give them a thrill and make a positive impact in the world.

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