A PeopleMaps Personality Report for Business

Overview: PeopleMaps personality reports tell you what the CV doesn’t. It is important that retail staff have compatible personalities as how they interact with the public and other members of staff is very important to the success of the business. This report talks about the key elements that are most important to working in retail.

What’s in the report: The report covers all the key areas that a retail worker deals with on a day to day basis. When considering candidates for retail positions you need to know what kind of person they are. The report also includes consultants comments and guidance on how to explore aspects of the candidate more deeply. The interview questions are personality specific. It includes background on the candidate and a feel for who they are as a person and is peppered with consultants comments from the PeopleMaps Business Psychologist. You will find the Interview questions very useful and the consultants comments will also tell you what you should be looking for in the answers you receive. There are also comments for training and development.

When to use the report: You can use this report on your long list or short list. You know personality is critical in retail positions and therefore it makes sense to know the personalities you are dealing with from the very outset. PeopleMaps makes profiling affordable enough that you can use it on all candidates. You may also use this report to underpin all your training courses and development decisions.

Topics in the report:

Ideal Sales Environment
Managing Customers and Services
PeopleMaps Map
Overview short
Working Together

What does it cost: $50 each before discount

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