We suggested last week that although PeopleMaps doesn’t have any open job vacancies, remarkable people could change that situation:

If you’re remarkable and would like to work with PeopleMaps, you should try to impress us. We don’t have any specific vacancies right now, but that could always change for the right person. Show us what you’re made of (tip: we don’t want to see your CV/resume, we want to know about you and how you stand out from the crowd).

It turns out that Seth Godin feels the same. In his article Why Bother Having a Resume? Seth has suggested that resumes are for “average folks looking for an average job”. He’s not interested in wading through a list of qualifications – he wants to know what the person has achieved in real terms, and suggests alternatives such as recommendation letters, a successful project he can see or touch – or even a blog as evidence of your real skills.

Truth be told, in many instances you will be required to submit a CV/resume. We’re sure that Seth would agree you need to do something to help that stand out from the rest. There are people out there geared up to help you create the best CV/resume – and Bradley CVs is one fine example.

Certainly, the very way you present your job application, whether you offer up a blog, or submit a more standard resume will demonstrate to your potential employer what type of person you are. And there you have it – personality type plays a crucial part in your success in attracting the attention you need to be considered for the job in the first place.

Good luck with whichever way you apply for your next job – remember, it’s not just the interview that counts – you need to get that interview in the first place!

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