Psychometric Testing – Where is it heading?

The psychometric test has come along way in the last ten years but where is it going from here.

Ten years ago the professional industry was dead certain that online personality profiling was never going to happen. There were people in elbow patches decrying online personality profiling.

Well thankfully I didn’t know any better ten years ago and just went ahead and created PeopleMaps and the first online professional personality test. And guess what people liked it and people used it. Over a million people have used it and said really nice things about it.

logoPeopleMaps started by trying to help job seekers get their head around psychometric tests so that the first time they saw one wasn’t in their job interview.

Well we have come a long way since then. We have been down many different roads and taken a few wrong turns in the process but I think I now see the future of PeopleMaps and the future of psychometric testing.

A few years back PeopleMaps started working with employers. Actually it was forced upon us as many employers and agencies were using the tools we had developed for job seekers. So we set about designing a system that would work for employers.

It’s online and it’s as ground breaking as what we did for job seekers ten years ago. Over the last ten years we have learned a lot about Internet technology. We have designed and built some very cool software. We have also expanded our library of personality content. I’ll not go into all the details here.

Let me come back to my point – “where is psychometric testing heading?”

Well I think more and more people are recognising the importance of understanding self. I think people realise that they are complex and have no operating manual and would love to know more about how they work so that they can get the best out of themselves.

I see it going beyond that so that people realise how important it is to understand others too. That all relationships depend on your ability to understand other people. I think smart businesses understand that their business is built upon the backs of people. Technology only takes you so far. It’s people that have no bounds.

So I see PeopleMaps as the personality test that everyone can use. Whether you are a business or a curious individual. I see PeopleMaps delivering a lot more training. And I don’t mean training because the stuff is difficult to use – in fact its dead easy to use. No the training is to give deeper insight into what you can do with this higher level of understanding. Training on how you might apply this new knowledge to make a better world for yourself and those around you.

You may also be interested in reading about how psychometric testing is used to recruit PAs Admin and Secretaries. These are important roles for all sorts of reasons, not least because they spend more time with the boss than anyone.

So look out for a lot more training from PeopleMaps and some very clever but easy to use tools.


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