Custom Personality Test

Are you looking for a custom personality test? Whether you are an organisation or a coach, PeopleMaps may be the only professional personality profiling provider that offers custom-designed reports to meet your specific requirements.

“The PeopleMaps application is a turn-key solution that has allowed me to market a powerful and customizable tool under my company name and brand while adding significant value to the coaching/mentoring services that I provide to my clients.

The client gains tremendous insight from the analysis and I have saved the time and costs that would have been required to build and implement a similar tool on our own.”
– Mike Petriella, Founder & CEO,

White Label and Custom Personality Test

Are you looking for a custom personality test? Or perhaps a white label personality test? Then PeopleMaps has what you need. Whether you are a recruitment agency, a coach or a consultant, you can use your own brand and keep your branding in front of your clients when they are using the personality reports you provide.

white label personality test

You can embed the personality questionnaire in your own website using PeopleMaps widget technology, which means that your clients and prospects never leave your page.

You can use your own design elements and logo.

The widget technology makes it really quick and easy to embed in your own site. It’s as easy as inserting a photo in your website.

Custom Designed Reports

You can also have your own personality reports custom designed to meet your specific needs. You can choose which personality content you want to include from our vast library and you can add your own generic introductions and closing statements, further personalising the report.

Different coaches deal with different issues. However, as a coach, you may be dealing with a variety of issues even with a single client.

PeopleMaps lets you design the report you want for each situation. In fact, you may design a range of reports for each client if you like.

For instance, you may be talking to them about running their own business for one week and their marriage the next week.

The ability to design your own reports for any given situation by selecting topics from the huge library is just one of the reasons coaches love using PeopleMaps.

5 Reasons Coaches Use PeopleMaps

There are several systems that coaches can choose between, the most popular being;

Myers Briggs

So why do some coaches choose The PeopleMaps System over the above? Here are five of the most common reasons.

  1. Custom Reports
  2. White label
  3. Price
  4. Speed for clients
  5. Easy to use and share


With some personality reports costing over £100 ($150), it can be an expensive business. With PeopleMaps you will pay nothing like that.

You decide whether you want a small, low-cost report, or something longer and more detailed. You don’t spend money on content you don’t need. With most systems, you get a large report and have to sift through it to select what’s relevant to your situation. This means you end up paying for content you don’t really need. With PeopleMaps you only buy what you actually want and no more.

Speed for clients

The last thing you want to do with clients is scare them off. Often a long questionnaire, that takes 30 minutes to complete, is very daunting and off-putting.

The PeopleMaps questionnaire is the fastest professional questionnaire on the planet and only takes about 7 minutes to complete, yet it delivers incredibly accurate high-resolution reports.

You need only read the many testimonials to see what some of the 1.5 million people that have completed it think of the accuracy.

Easy to use and share

Who has the time to go on training courses? Coaches rarely do, which is why PeopleMaps has spent years making something as complex as personality, really simple to use.

The PeopleMaps Control Room can be used within five minutes of registering for a free account. You will design your first report within five minutes.

The reports are written in plain English so you can simply show it to your client and they can read it and understand it. This means that you can hit the ground running. It means your client can enjoy the report immediately and that you both can get to the important part, which is talking about what it says and what to do about it.

However, more advanced training is available, which goes into the detail behind the system and also the various applications of psychology. But the course is not something you need to do to simply use the PeopleMaps tool. It is there to give you more depth of understanding.

You can easily copy and paste extracts from the reports. Add these to your own documents. Brand it as your own if you like., Use all of a report or just a small part. Add your own comments around the personality extracts if you like.

PeopleMaps has done everything to make it easy for you to share this content with your clients in whatever way suits you. This is another reason coaches love using PeopleMaps.

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