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The PeopleMaps Personality Test is the fastest and easiest to use professional test on the market. No jargon, no consultants required. You can register for a free account and be reading a personality report in less than ten minutes.

personality testThe Personality Test For Recruitment

Personality testing has been used in recruitment for many years. PeopleMaps provides you with a library of topics written specifically to help you make better hiring decisions. It’s not about catching people out it’s about getting to know them, extremely well and very quickly.

Each recruitment topic tells you something about the candidate and provides you with questions to ask, to help you steer the interview. It prevents the interview from wandering off track and keeps everyone focused.

Use this to avoid putting square pegs in round holes. The CV will only take you so far.

There are around 40 topics to choose from, such as;

  • Communication style
  • Managing others
  • Sales Style

You pick the topics that are most relevant to the role you are interviewing for and design the report you actually want. You can design as many reports as you want; one for each job title if you like. There is no charge to do this.

Managing others

If you want to get the best from people then it’s essential that you understand what makes them tick. The PeopleMaps Manager Library consists of a range of topics that will explain to a manager the most effective management approach to take with each staff member.

As any experienced manager will tell you, what works with one person, doesn’t work with the next. This is usually down to personality type.

Want to know the most effective means to delegate to a specific staff member, then get the Manager topic on delegation. Want to be more effective as a communicator, then you will find a topic on that too.

Development and Training

Whether you are working on your own personal development or are coaching someone through theirs, you will find a huge range of topics covering the widest possible range of personality issues imaginable.

Team Building

In order to get the best from any team, you need to understand where each person is on the personality spectrum and what that means. For example; If an extroverted personality type tries to relate to an introverted personality type, with no understanding of how they view the world, then the results will be very poor indeed.

For teams to work well together they have to understand each other and work to each person’s strengths. Without an understanding of personality then this is pretty much impossible. You can read about more about each workplace personality test developed by PeopleMaps.

Job Hunting

PeopleMaps has developed a suite of personality reports for Career Coaches to use with clients that are job hunting.

What is the Personality Test?

Personality questionnaireOften called a psychometric test, it has been used by companies for over fifty years. PeopleMaps has been providing its service since around 2000.

Here is a snapshot of the PeopleMaps questionnaire. This is one of the most advanced online you will find.

Instead of being presented with a hundred questions that take you about 40 minutes to complete, the PeopleMaps Questionnaire presents you with just 5 four-part questions.

There is also a 10Q version for higher resolution but it still only takes about 7 minutes to complete.

This is purely due to its clever design and use of psychology. It loses nothing in accuracy when compared to long the winded questionnaires you may be more familiar with.

PeopleMaps was designed for the Internet from day 1. Before any of the old fashioned questionnaires dragged themselves online, PeopleMaps was pioneering online personality profiling.

To work online you need a quick questionnaire otherwise after about five minutes boredom sets in and this affects the results in a significant way.

You know it’s not a test, don’t you?

The bottom line is people talk about “personality tests” all the time. What is intriguing is that a so-called ‘personality test’ isn’t a ‘test’ at all!

The PeopleMaps test – oops, I mean personality assessment – is unique, although based on the psychology of Carl G Jung.

There are several personality profiling systems out there such as Myers Briggs, which are also Jungian systems. This means that they are essentially based on the research of Carl Jung. PeopleMaps is also a Jungian system.

Here’s how a personality test works

Step 1 – The questionnaire determines your Jungian makeup. The answers you provide tells us the mix of the various energies your personality is made up from.

The best way to answer the test is by being spontaneous. By spontaneously answering the questions, and not deliberating every nuance of them, your results will, in fact, be more accurate.

This is all because we have developed the test specifically for completion on the internet. The questions have been designed in such a way that how you answer them provides us with the measurements we need to determine your results. By deliberating too long or getting hung up on each and every question, or by trying to second guess what the questions mean, you will be influencing your answers in a way that might affect your results.

Step 2 – In stage two you decide what you want to read about and assemble the report you want to read, We don’t give you a different set of questions to produce each report.

Some huge breakthroughs in personality profiling

It’s fast

5 minutes online is not the same as five minutes in a class with a pen and paper. The online attention span is very short, so you need to have a short questionnaire or the user will become bored and this will affect the results.

We made another video which will help you understand how to complete the questionnaire:

Map Personality Test

The Map Personality Test. Most systems provide you with a “label” but the problem with this is that it doesn’t take into account that your personality has mobility built in to it. You do very. The PeopleMaps Map still lets you visualise your personality and compare where you are against someone else, however it also recognizes that you are flexible and adaptable and that your personality is not set in stone.

PeopleMaps Personality Test Map

It’s significantly cheaper to use

With some reports costing over £300 each and mandatory consultants costing thousands of pounds, it’s refreshing to see a system that is very cost effective.

  • No setup costs
  • No training costs (mandatory on most systems)
  • No minimum order (just buy one topic if you like)
  • Free reports for Enterprise members

You could be enjoying professional personality reports for less than £5 ($10)

You get to custom-built your own personality test

PeopleMaps is the only system that lets you design your own reports. You decide what topics you want to read. Pick them from the vast library of topics and only pay for the information you actually want.

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