A Workplace personality test can help get the most from your most important assets; your people.

The PeopleMaps Workplace Personality Tests are designed to help managers and employees. Everyone in the workplace should benefit from the adoption of personality assessments.

Are you trying to manage people more effectively? Are you recruiting new staff? Are you trying to get people more engaged? Whatever improvement you are looking for in your organisation, a better understanding of the people who work there will help.

What is a Workplace Personality Test?

Although commonly referred to as a “workplace personality test”, it is more accurate to refer to it as an assessment. The word “test” implies that there is a right and a wrong answer. This is not the case with personality. With personality, you are trying to understand what is.

Your personality type has a large influence on how you work. Almost every aspect of your life is influenced by your personality type, so almost everything to do with your work is also personality-centric.

people are complex. You cannot simplify an individual’s personality type down to a single word, although many organisations try to do so. When you oversimplify something as complex as personality type, you do not help your situation. Indeed, you may be confusing things further.

A proper personality assessment must recognise that people are complex and deal with the complexity.

Not all Workplace Personality Tests are the same

The quality and usefulness of personality reports vary significantly.

The PeopleMaps personality questionnaire only takes five minutes to complete but delivers incredibly accurate reports. Not only are they accurate but they can be used right away.

Where most profiling systems use jargon and demand interpretation, PeopleMaps reports are written in plain English and require no interpretation. This means they can be used immediately.

How To Recruit The Right People Using Workplace Personality Tests

workplace personality tests

One of the most common workplace personality test applications is recruitment. Thousands of organisations use personality reports to help them interview and recruit job candidates.

A recruitment personality test can help reduce recruitment risk and ensure you hire the right candidate.

If you think about it, every interview is a type of personality test. Before you interview someone you already know about their qualifications and their work experience. You already know if they have the skills to do your job. So why do you interview people? it’s to get a feel for the person. it’s a personality assessment, albeit a rather unreliable one.

PeopleMaps has been developing more reliable personality tests for recruitment for twenty years. Use these reports along with your own personal experience to help you make informed hiring decisions. There is no need to purely rely on “gut feel”. you wouldn’t do it in any other aspect of your business. you would always do your research and gather as much data as possible before investing a lot of money. The same should apply to recruitment. This is an expensive investment. Do everything you can to reduce your risk.

Workplace Personality Test for Teams

Every workplace has several teams operating. These may be formal or informal teams, however, wherever you have two or more people working together towards a common goal, you have a team.

How To Manage More Effectively Using Workplace Personality Tests

The type of manager you are and how you go about managing, it largely determined by your personality type. There is, of course, a learned skill set, however, your personality plays a huge role in how you manage on a day-to-day basis.

The problem is that most people have no awareness of how their personality type affects the way they manage. PeopleMaps provides detailed personality reports that provide you with the insight required to understand your management style.

How our workplace personality test works

PeopleMaps designs very specific applications, so each report is designed with a specific application in mind. There is no general personality report and no interpretation is invited or required. 

once you know what your application is, you then select the relevant personality report to use. If you are uncertain, please speak to a PeopleMaps Profiling Specialist as they will be able to advise you as to which report will best suit your immediate needs.

You can try the PeopleMaps Workplace Personality Test for free by clicking here and registering for a free trial.

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