Personality profiling needn’t be expensive, but sadly many professional providers feel they need to charge premium prices. PeopleMaps decided at the outset to offer affordable online profiling to everyone, anywhere – because we truly believe the world can be a better place when we understand more about ourselves and others.

And because our reports are written in plain English, you don’t need to spend any many on training or hiring a consultant to discover what your profile means for you!

Best of all, we give EVERY visitor to PeopleMaps FREE reports. There’s never any obligation to buy anything else from us – and we won’t ask for your credit card details up front. In fact, there is no further obligation to buy anything – ever!

You can login to your Members Area at any time and access your FREE reports. It’s worthwhile checking in occasionally – when we make improvements, the changes apply to every report in our system and you won’t ever need to complete the questionnaire again!

We will offer you a range of reports from time-to-time that require payment. For instance, if you’ve signed up to receive the Dream Job series of Free reports, then we’ll offer you the chance to sign up to the Land Your Dream Job Home Study Course. The price you pay will depend on when you buy it. You will always know the price you need to pay before you make a payment. Land Your Dream Job retails at £247 – but the price can vary dependent on our special offers, and you can bag it for as little as £97.

We’ll let you know when there’s a new report available – and when we’re running a special offer – but you will ALWAYS be able to receive personality FREEBIES from PeopleMaps. It’s guaranteed.

Personality Profiling– free test – instant report
– 10 questions – eight minutes
– no credit card required – no obligation
Free Test

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