Do you read books related to your business and just know that other folk would benefit by reading them too? How often do you Tweet about them, or comment on them on Facebook, or write up a review on Amazon? I’m guessing not every time.

Well, it’s no different here at PeopleMaps – we read great books all the time, and most often forget to share the information – having no formal process for doing so, and being rather busy with other things.

A couple of years back whilst talking about the vision for the company, we jotted down some ideas that included having a recommended reading list for PeopleMaps staff. And you know, we never did get round to it.

So here I am on a rainy Friday evening, and I’ve decided I’m going to put together a list of books that have affected our business thinking in one way or another (minus the books that I’ve given on loan and have forgotten about). And I’m thinking why limit it to PeopleMaps staff?

So here it is… our business library. You might have read them all; you might find it predictable; or you might just find some gems in there you’d never thought of… it’s certainly a reminder to us to keep adding to the collection, and broadening our ideas.

Thanks must go to @dwlt for many recommendations over the years. And if you have one for us, please do suggest it in the comments on the page, thanks!

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