martinMartin sits due East on the PeopleMaps Map.

Since 2001 his aim has been to make low-cost, easy-to-use personality reports available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

He has worked with companies, coaches and individuals.

He helps companies solve some of their biggest problems; their people problems by advising them how to hire the right people in the first place and on how to manage the people they have more effectively.

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Please raise a ticket here and Martin will come back to you directly. This is the most reliable way of getting in touch with him.


Martin has written many training courses, both on video and text. He trains people on personality psychology and its applications.

Martin’s Why:

to improve the world around us by understanding the people in it.

Martin’s How:

Establish PeopleMaps as the world’s No1 supplier of profiling products online.

Who is Martin:

After gaining his degree in physics, Martin spent five years in instrumentation technology in the oil and gas industries – learning how to conduct business the hard way.

He then ran his own marketing and business development consultancy before heading up the team to develop the PeopleMaps range of products. The latter part of Martin’s consultancy services saw him deliver strategic on-line business development support to companies including the London Chamber of Commerce, and he became convinced of the Internet’s ability to make business easier for everyone.

For over ten years he has studied Jungian Psychology under Anne Ellis. Although Martin’s first love was technology, for the last few years it has been the psychology that intrigues him most.

Career Development

Martin found himself in a unique position as a career adviser, as he works closely with employers and recruitment agents. He saw the system up close and realised it was pretty flawed.

Through PeopleMaps he had always provided personality reports to help with career development but Martin figured a lot more was required. So he spent six months writing the definitive career development course.

Over 150 videos, take you step by step until you land your dream job.

“It”s not enough to have a job, you need to do something that is compatible with your core personality.” Martin Gibbons

Martin has another site dedicated to career development called and that is where you can read most of his thoughts on career.

Personal Development

What interests Martin most is personal development. This is a journey he has been on for many years and he shares this philosophy with Carl Jung, who believed that we should strive to realise our potential right up until we die.

key-to-unlock-box-smallMartin tackled this issue head on with a course called “Personality. The Key To Unlock Your Hidden Potential.”

He believes that we all have a long way to go to reach our potential.

Martin’s breakthrough came as a result of someone introducing him to personality profiling and he has been sharing this news ever since.

“Personality is the bedrock of all personal development. If we do not have an excellent relationship with self, then we can never realise our potential.” Martin Gibbons



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