There’s certainly no shortage of voiced opinions about the pros and cons of social networking platforms for jobhunting and recruitment purposes.

What you as jobseeker must understand is that recruiters really do check your online profile to help them make hiring decisions.

I was catching up on @jimstroud’s Twitter feed when I came across the following article entitled One in five bosses run web checks on job-hunters.

Our own research upholds the findings that recruiters are not only checking online profiles to help determine whether they will recruit you or not – they are also using social network platforms to find good candidates.

If you haven’t already joined the bandwagon, and you are looking for a new job then online platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter really can help you raise your profile and attract the attention of would-be employers.

These platforms offer an easy and immediate way to establish your personality online. Use your PeopleMaps personality information to enhance your profile (there’s even a PeopleMaps Facebook app to help you do this).

Being open and honest about yourself will also ensure the right fit between you and a prospective employer. Remember – an employer might hire you for your skills, but they’re most likely to fire you for your attitude! Get that fit right from the outset and you’re more likely to see a win-win for both you and them.

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