Site Design

Still sticking with the green and brown colour scheme because I love it so. We have modified the site a hundreds times and doubt that will ever stop but it gets clearer and prettier each time.

Control Room

A lot of work done in the Control Room so that it is very easy to use these days. Three clicks is as much as most people ever need to do to read a report.

So even though we have added a bunch of advanced features, you can live without them. You can be up and running in five minutes.

Set Up Wizard

The new set up Wizard is another wonderful thing. It literally takes you step by step through the process. There are four steps. So no excuse for getting overwhelmed as it’s broken down into nibble size pieces. And you need only nibble one at a time.

Sure there are videos and guides galore but honestly I don’t think you need to even look at them if you just follow the Set Up Wizard. It keeps you right and doesn’t let you move to the next step till you completed the one you are on. How cool is that. It would be easier to take a wrong turn in a one way street.

Library of Topics

And every week or so we add new topics to the libraries. There are dozens and dozens to choose from covering, Recruitment, Management and Development.



Oh, only the not-so-small matter of …

1. A whole new image: It’s certainly a change from what has been before. Craig has managed to instil such a feeling of richness without any nod to the gaudy, don’t you think? For me, it’s like the best chocolate bar. If I was a chocolatier, I’d be happy to wrap my chocolate bars in these colours.

2. A whole new product: The Personality Power Widget is all new, and is already working wonders for the first clients. The beauty of it is that you can make it do anything – and look like anything. It’s clever – and magical and your best-kept marketing success secret yet.

3. A new Twitter account: Because PeopleMaps, the brand, has a lot to say – and doesn’t want to fight with the strong personalities of @peoplemapsjulie and @peoplemapsmg to be heard. What? You’re not following us yet. Shame on you!

4. Over a 100 Facebook Fans: Why this is important? Well, it means we can create a custom URL for one, except Facebook tells me the name “PeopleMaps” is not eligible! And it means we can really start to use the Fan page in anger. It’s in the plan – and it’s coming soon, not least partly due to the appointment of …

5. Amy Palko – PeopleMaps community manager: This is such an important role, and there is much work to be done. Amy is helping us keep to a straight path and aside from her PeopleMaps activity, you can find her elsewhere on the web. She’ll make a valuable addition to your network.

So, despite the weather back in Scotland – things really are hotting up at PeopleMaps (and it isn’t just because CEO Martin is directing operations from somewhere in the south of France).

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