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Don’t Like Mondays? Discover Your Ideal Job

I’ve read a lot of Deepak Chopra. He’s a very wise man, and there’s a lot to be learned from him – go investigate if you’ve a mind. The one Chopra nugget that stays in my mind above all others is his revelation that more people die of a heart attack on Monday morning at 9am than at any other time! Shocked? It did me. I knew that to earn my living honestly doing something I loved was important – but a matter of life and death? That’s something everyone should be made aware of, don’t you think?

This gem of a report discusses the kind of job you would love and why. Ever been unhappy in a job? We’ll tell you about the work environments you will hate – and why. We even give you a list of job titles which will suit you, and a list of those to avoid at all costs. It really is a personality issue.

In addition, we’ll talk about how different aspects of company culture will affect you – the organizational, its management and co-workers, your duties and responsibilities, your promotion prospects – and of course, your rewards.

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