Chris Anderson’s latest book “FREE : the future of a radical price” just arrived in the office.

In it, Chris provides a long essay on the history and different methods of FREE as a business model.

He argues the case for FREE – and provides a long list of suitable examples.

FREE profiling is very much at the heart of the PeopleMaps’ philosophy, and as such, this was always going to be one of our must-reads.

Did we rush out and buy the book? No, of course not!

Instead we took advantage of a FREE audio version and Anderson’s breathless delivery accompanied us on our travels from the very south of France all the way to central Scotland.

In the end, though, the book contains such interesting content that having the audio file just wasn’t enough.

So, we ordered the book. We paid up.

Now we’re interested to find out how Anderson measures the conversion rate from FREE downloads to PAID purchasers…

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