It was the middle of the night here in Marseilles (3am to be exact) and our CEO, Martin was the guest on SoulMateMentors radio show. He was talking about how understanding your personality can help you with your romantic relationships!

The show was hosted by SoulMate Mentors founder Yvonne Rice, global expert in the singles market ( soon to appear at International Love & Money Summit ’09 in Georgia) and Dr Jake Caputo, metaphysicist and author of The New Science of Wealth).

Tune in to the show archive and discover that although any personality can have a successful relationship with any other personality, understanding your own preferred behaviour – and sharing that with potential partners – can help you closer to long-term relationship success…

SoulMate Mentors is one of the first companies to use the new PeopleMaps Personality Power Widget – we worked with Yvonne to create a personality report specifically for her audience. Try it out and find out more about you and your relationship personality – it’s fast and totally free!


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