Good item analysis provides a psychometric tool with its accuracy. The length of questionnaires does not generally have an effect on the accuracy of any profile. There is an exception to this, and it is that there are some concerns in the psychometric community about lengthy questionnaires. The concern is that there could be a negative effect due to respondents losing interest, becoming fatigued or generally lacking concentration towards the latter part, and this can have a detrimental effect on accuracy.In the case of PeopleMaps, its items have been extensively analysed and then measured against Jungian preference scales. The Interview questions get rave reviews from respondents both in their accuracy and utility, in that they provide an excellent preparation for prospective interviews. Thousands of people have judged their profiles’ accuracy to be 80% and above, which is confirmed by the data.

The PeopleMaps psychometric test was the first of its kind geared entirely for online delivery. It is designed to stand-alone, i.e. not dependant on a face-to-face feedback, hence the reason for the inclusion of consultant’s comments since feedback is still necessary to make the process effective.

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