FREE CV and Interviews Created to help you win more job interviews with a CV that truly stands out – and tips on how not to blow your interview when you get it – this free personality report gives you a peek into what an employer will be reading about you if they ask you to take a psychometric test.

And there is an increasing chance you will be asked to take a psychometric test – with a reported 60% of employers reportedly using personality measures for pre-screening. (PeopleMaps delivers personality reports to hundreds of employers – so we already know this to be the truth.)

Ten questions, five minutes and you’ll be presented with a report designed to give you more than just personality information. This report will give you an edge over other jobseekers.

You get access to not one, but two topics designed for employers to get to know you better. Use them to get a head start, and be fully prepared for those interview questions.

We’ve also included an extract from a video interview with Anne Ellis, PeopleMaps’ Director of Psychology to help you understand how personality profiling works.

Personality Profiling– free personality test – instant report
– 10 questions – five minutes
– no credit card required – no obligation
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