Coaches Wanted : Start Training Today To Become a PeopleMaps Certified Personal Coach

Online Courses

Everything you need to know is provide in a convenient online video training format. It is quick and yet fully prepares you to use personality profiling with your clients.

Grow Your Coaching Practice

Each training course is packed full of ideas that you can use with your coaching clients. Personality-centric coaching will open a new world of opportunity for you.

Huge Demand

Millions of people complete some sort of personality questionnaire every year. People are curious and they are seeking answers. You can now help them find some of those answers.

Career Coaching

Most people are in the wrong job. This is why career coaching is one of the most popular forms of coaching.

Whether you are helping teenagers figure out where to start their career or whether you are working with experienced people who are desperately seeking a change because they hate their job, this personality-centric Career course will enable you to help people with their career decisions.

No previous career coaching experience is required. Your own experience combined with the Career personality report will provide you with more than enough to help your clients make better career choices.


Executive Coaching

Whether you are brand new to Executive coaching or have been doing it for years, you will discover a whole new approach to it with this Executive Coaching training course.

Executives and senior managers are amongst the most stressed-out people on the planet. yet this need not be the case. This training course will show you how to use the executive Personality Report as a basis for your 1-2-1 executive coaching sessions.

Executive coaching is on the rise worldwide. With this Executive Coaching training course and the Executive Personality Report, you will be able to help senior managers in ways you may never have previously considered.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Do you coach people who are looking to start their own business or who already run a business? if so then you will love the Entrepreneur Coaching program.

Successful entrepreneurs are found across the personality spectrum however, your job as a coach is to help them be the entrepreneur that is compatible with their core personality type.

Whether you are an experienced coach of entrepreneurs or are new to it, you will find this training course and the Entrepreneur personality report a fantastic bedrock to help you help entrepreneurs.

The Underpinning Psychology

If you want to go deeper into the underpinning psychology, then the PeopleMaps Certificate In Personality Profiling Psychology is the course for you.

This course does not look at the application of the psychology but the building blocks of the PeopleMaps system. If you want to know more about The PeopleMaps Map, The Gauges, or The Six Energies, then this is the course to take.

You will also learn about the 12 Laws Of Personality.

Control Room

The PeopleMaps Control Room contains many advanced features that you and your clients can benefit from.

In this course, you will discover how to use the many advanced features that most people never see.

From how to configure Child Accounts for your client to Branding the system as your own. become an expert in PeopleMaps technology and impress your clients.

Consultants Wanted : Start Training Today To Become a PeopleMaps Certified Business Consultant

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