Below the latest GDPR Compliant Privacy Statement from PeopleMaps Ltd.

Completing a questionnaire on behalf of a PeopleMaps client is no guarantee that you will receive a personality report. The distribution of personality reports is at the discretion of the PeopleMaps client, who pays for the report.

Who is the Data Protection Officer?

See section 2.1.3 of Privacy Statement
Martin Gibbons is the appointed Data Officer and Data Controller for PeopleMaps Ltd. He may be contacted using the ticket system found at

How To Submit A DELETE Data request

You have the right to be forgotten and have your data deleted. see PeopleMaps privacy statement below section 4 – 1.1 – 1,a,4 There is a process for this, which must be strictly adhered to in order for a delete request to be executed.
Erasing all personal details will mean you no longer exist in the PeopleMaps data universe, so if you reappear legitimately through say a 3rd party data provider or via a subsequent registration or purchase, you will then be treated as a new person. Please be sure this is what you want to do.

Please raise a new ticket at
Please provide the first name, surname and email address that you used when you registered on the PeopleMaps system. (You may have done this via a PeopleMaps client or account holder)
Clearly specify your instruction that you wish to have your details DELETED.
PeopleMaps will email you to verify your identity and confirm we have received your request. You must reply to the email in order to verify your identity and confirm your DELETE request. Without this confirmation email, PeopleMaps will not delete your details.
Upon receipt of your confirmation email, your contact details will be deleted. PeopleMaps reserves the right to use anonymous data for statistical analysis.
This process is conducted manually and may take up to 60 days from your initial confirmation.

DELETE requests submitted to a PeopleMaps account holder / client / representative.
The most reliable way to have your delete request actioned is to contact PeopleMaps directly as outlined in steps 1-5 above.

If you submit your delete request to a Peoplemaps client, account holder or representative and they pass your request to PeopleMaps then we will implement steps 1-6 above. PeopleMaps has no control over whether a third party will pass on your details and therefore cannot guarantee that your delete request will be actioned. It is recommended that you contact PeopleMaps directly about your delete request.

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