Career Coach

Coaches Needed

Are you a coach? Would you like to help people implement a career development system that works?

PeopleMaps needs coaches who are trained in the application of its 3 Step System to Land Your Dream Job.

This Career Coach course is written for professional coaches, who want to help clients accelerate their career using this powerful system from PeopleMaps.

PeopleMaps has helped thousands of people accelerate their career over the last few years and has developed a unique, personality centric, approach.

There is a huge amount of psychology in the recruitment process and this is the bedrock for The 3 Step System To Land Your Dream Job.

Tried and Tested System

Through working closely with employers and recruitment agencies PeopleMaps developed a deep understanding of the recruitment process and the psychology involved. From this it developed an alternative to traditional job hunting, which quite frankly no longer works.3 step syste

Traditional job hunting, where you batter off lots of CVs and applications to strangers, is a very ineffective way of job hunting. We call this CV based recruitment and from the feedback we have received from tens of thousands of users over the last few years, it’s pretty clear that CV based recruitment doesn’t work.

This is why you will find hardly a mention of CVs in any of the dozens of videos contained in the course. So if you are thinking this is another course showing you how to write a CV, then you will be disappointed. Consider this to be job hunting without a CV.

PeopleMaps set out to develop an alternative strategy to CV based recruitment, one that helps people discover what they should be doing with their working life. It then goes on to show them how to land interviews and get job offers.

Applied Psychology

PeopleMaps is the web’s leading provider of online personality profiling. Human behaviour is what we are passionate about. We studied the behaviour of job seekers and of employers.

Our 3 Step System taps into human behaviour; both the candidate’s and the employers.

We discovered that the recruitment process is deeply flawed. It is subject to prejudice of all sorts and certainly doesn’t see candidates hired on merit. If a candidate participates in the traditional recruitment process they are playing with dice loaded in the employers favour from the outset. The process isn’t fair and candidates can’t win. If it was a casino it would be closed down.

Coaches Needed

While PeopleMaps has provided online video training to thousands of job hunters it does not provide 1-2-1 coaching. Yet many of our users could also benefit from good 1-2-1 coaching.

This is why we have developed the Career Coach course for professional coaches. We are happy to show you our system, so that you can add it to your own skills and expertise to help people with their career development.

So many people need help with their careers. People need coaches.

Could You Coach?

And if you have ever considered a career in coaching then you should also look at this Career Coach course as it’s an ideal program to get you started.

How would you like to give your friends, family and clients a pay rise by being their personal career coach?

With the PeopleMaps Career Coaching Course you can help people find their ideal job.

PeopleMaps has now created this train the trainer program, so that you too can help people find their ideal job as their career coach.

The PeopleMaps Career Coach Course is open to everyone, whether you are an established life coach or someone who just wants to do it part-time to help your family and friends.

But before you throw yourself in at the deep end, why not sign up for the Free Mini Course and take it for a test drive. (Coming soon)

Who is This Career Coach Program For?

Established Coaches

If you are already coaching people then you will enjoy this new approach to job hunting and career development.  Even the most experience coaches will find some gems within this course.

Absolute beginners

You may simply want to be in a position to advise your children on their career. Perhaps you have family or friends that are looking for a new job or attending interviews.

This course is perfect for you and will put you in a position where you can really make a difference.

Help Your Own Career

And if you feel you just want to learn a better way to accelerate your own career, then feel free to sign up for the course and become your own coach.

Tried and Tested

The techniques I will show you in the PeopleMaps Career Coach Course are the same ones I have been using successfully with clients for the last five years.

Clients like Kal, who had been out of work for three years. As you know trying to get back into work after such a long break is an uphill struggle. Kal had been trying on her own for six months and getting nowhere.

Within a couple of weeks of taking the course Kal landed some interviews and got a job offer.

Better still within a few months she was being asked to apply for various jobs and was effectively headhunted to a new job that paid her her highest salary every, doing something she was really excited about.

career coach testimonial


Why Train The Trainer?

There are so many people needing help with their career that we simply can’t deal with everyone directly. We hate to see people in jobs they hate working for crappy bosses. There is no reason that anyone, no matter at what level they are operating, should suffer a job they hate.

Look at your own immediate circle and you will be able to create a list of people who would dearly love to find a new job.

We felt that the best way to impact more lives in a positive way was to share what we have learned, so that you can take it and use it with the people you care about.

Can anyone apply this system?

This system works for people fresh out of college, looking for their first job and for senior executives. Whether you are looking for a promotion or a complete career change, this system works. When you are trained as a PeopleMaps Career Coach you will be able to help pretty much anyone you care to, no matter at what level they are working at.

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