In order to contrive answers to work in a candidate’s favour they need to know two things:

  1. What characteristics the employer is looking for in psychological terms
  2. How to manipulate their answers to achieve the appropriate result

Given this, it is very unlikely that a candidate would be able to contrive answers in their favour with the PeopleMaps system. Even a professional psychologist would be unlikely to.

There is nothing obvious or apparent about what the question is seeking. Obvious questions such as “Are you outgoing?” are not asked. The subtlety of questioning and the spontaneity required when answering contributes further to the security of the system, making it very difficult for candidates to produce a contrived response.

The site also only shows one question at a time, so it’s not possible to look at all your answers at the same time and try and manipulate them. Once you answer a question, it disappears.

Finally, the biggest influence on what we feel is the best answer is driven by our own personality type. it’s very difficult to escape from our own paradigm of the world.

In over twenty years of providing profiling for recruitment, no client has ever expressed a problem with candidates cheating.

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