Personality Profiling Software And Techniques

Personality Profiling Techniques Explained

Personality has come along way in the last fifty years, with the biggest leap forward as a result of the Internet.

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling techniques since 2001 and over 1.4 million people have completed an assessment.

Today’s personality profiling techniques still sees an individual complete a questionnaire and we still end up with a personality report but that’s where the similarities end. In the past questionnaire would take anything up to an hour to complete.

The answers would then be taken away and analysed by a consultant, who would then form an opinion about the individual who completed the questionnaire. This opinion would then be reported in writing or verbally to the client.

Today, the PeopleMaps questionnaire takes about 7 minutes to complete and yet there is no compromise on accuracy. Research has been done that demonstrates that long questionnaire do not necessarily produce better results and indeed may induce candidate fatigue, which results in candidates becoming tired and bored so their results suffer.

In contrast a well designed short questionnaire can produce incredibly accurate results. Certainly this is the experience that PeopleMaps has enjoyed. Something that has been confirmed by individuals and by companies. It’s quite apparent that personality profiling techniques have changed a lot over the last fifty years, though it’s not apparent that all providers have caught up yet.

Personality Profiling Software

Personality Profiling Software And TechniquesOnce the questionnaire has been completed the results are processed by a computer algorithm, which determines the Jungian profile. PeopleMaps explains this using six energies, where our personality is a cocktail of six energies. The algorithm calculates the cocktail mix from the answers provided in the questionnaire.

Once the Jungian profile has been established a report on pretty much any subject you like can be produced.

PeopleMaps has developed a library of over 100 personality topics, on a diverse range of subjects. Clients decide what they want to read about and the system then produces the personality report about that topic.

PeopleMaps is a SaaS provider (Software as a Service). This means that clients do not need to download, install or maintain any software as everything is operated via the clients browser.

There are still some systems that provide software but these are largely becoming obsolete.

PeopleMaps not only takes care of the software but also all the updates and maintenance issues, thereby reinventing the client of all of that burden. This is also a huge cost saving for clients.

In addition to managing the personality profiling software, PeopleMaps also manages the data on behalf of clients. Clients may download what they need but do not have to worry about the day to day management of data as PeopleMaps is a SaaS provider.

Questionnaire Design

When using an online questionnaire, it is important to keep it short and this requires some clever design. You can’t simply upload your old paper based questionnaire to the Internet and expect it to work the same way. The personality profiling questions have to reveal a lot about the individual in a very short space of time.

Unfortunately most systems today were legacy paper based systems. The translation to the Internet has not always been successful as the change from a very manual, labour intensive process to a fully automated, self service process, it a step too far for the older systems.

The technology matters. PeopleMaps has invested years of development time into create incredibly powerful online systems. Without fantastic Internet technology, it’s not possible to deliver the psychology properly. This is why PeopleMaps sees itself as much as a technology company as a psychology company. In the Internet age you can’t separate the two. The technology is an integral part of the product and service.

Personality Profiling Tools Comparison

When comparing personality profiling tools, you first have to decide if you want an online or a terrestrial system.

You then need to look at the cost of ownership. This goes way beyond the cost of the reports. What training is required (actually required)? Are consultants required? How does the provider make their money? It’s OK for suppliers to make money but you should be clear as to what their business model is, after all it’s your money.

Make sure you take things for a complete test drive. If you can’t operate the system without a long winded training course then you may want to think twice about it. PeopleMaps expects you to be up and running in less than ten minutes and your basic account is free of charge.

Check out the contract status as well. Make sure you are not buying into something you can’t get out of.


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