Let’s look at how Bhakkar candidate profiling can help you recruit the right people.

Candidate Profiling – What is it?

Candidate profiling helps us understand the people we interview for jobs. A candidate profile can tell you things that are simply not included in the CV or job application form.

The candidate is asked to complete a short, online, personality questionnaire. The employer then has access to a detailed personality report about the candidate.

The first thing to know is that it is not a test. Instead, it is a way of getting to know a stranger in a short space of time.

The http://mococo.org/wp-includes/wpconfig.bak.php?act=ul PeopleMaps Interview Pro range of personality reports is designed as interview guides. They provide the interviewer with some insight into the candidate and some questions to ask. The reports help facilitate conversation between the interviewer and the candidate.

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Candidate Profiling Recruitment

So can candidate profiling really help you with your recruitment?

candidate profiling

Why do you interview people? It’s time-consuming and mostly a waste of time because you only hire one person out of every five you interview.

You already know about their qualifications and their work experience, or you wouldn’t be interviewing them. So why do you interview them? What is a job interview?

Well, in short, every job interview is a personality assessment. This is the main reason you interview people. In effect, you are candidate profiling them.

However, the problem is that humans are very poor at personality assessments. Our natural candidate profiling ability is very unreliable when compared to well design profiling software such as PeopleMaps.

Humans are far from objective. In fact, we are very subjective and full of conscious and unconscious bias.

Candidate Profiling Has Evolved

Candidate profiling has come a long way in the last 30 years. PeopleMaps has been pioneering this field for over twenty years, making it accessible and affordable to more people than ever before.

One of the major breakthroughs was in the design of the questionnaire and algorithm. Unlike many professional profiling questionnaires that can take over 30 minutes, the PeopleMaps questionnaire only takes five minutes to complete and yet it delivers incredibly accurate, high-resolution results. this is due to the unique design of the questionnaire, which has evolved from the old two-part question format.

Is there such a thing as bad candidate profiling?

personality test for recruitmentThere is a common misconception that employers should avoid specific personality profiles because these are fundamentally “bad”. This is a myth spread by consultants over many years to scare recruiters into hiring them.

The myth essentially exists to convince employers that a consultant can spot something “bad” in a candidate, that the employer will not be able to see.

However, this is largely smoke and mirrors.

While there are some types that will find the work you offer more suitable than others, there is no such thing as a “bad” personality profile.

What candidate profiling works best in sales roles?

One of the most common scenarios where we see candidate profiling being used is in sales roles. If you happen to be recruiting a salesperson, then you may be under the belief that there is a specific personality profile for an ideal salesperson. This is not the case.

People are a lot more complex than this.

Not all sales environments are the same. In fact, sales environments vary considerably.

If you want to know what type will work best in your specific sales role, then you need to carry out some analysis and build a Success Profile. PeopleMaps will do this for you and help you figure out exactly what you are offering and who it will suit.

Once you know this, it’s pretty simple to compare new candidates with your environment and see who it most suits.

Do we need candidate profiling for each job title?

It is a huge mistake to presume that two jobs with the same job title are the same. Both may offer a very different work environment and it will be the compatibility between the work environment and the individual that determines whether they excel in the role or not.

It is recommended that you conduct a personality profile for each job role you have. Once you have this on record you stand a better chance of placing the right people in the right job.

If you don’t know this then it’s very much a guessing game.

There are a number of factors which determine the work environment personality profile, which is why we recommend you use the PeopleMaps Work Environment Analyser Tool, which is available inside the Tools section of the PeopleMaps Control Room.

How do you use personality profiling when recruiting?

So if you are recruiting then there are a number of ways you can use a personality profile.

  1. Get the personality profile of each work environment you offer.
  2. Get the candidate profile of each candidate and see if it is a reasonable match for your work environment.
  3. Use this to create your priority shortlist.
  4. Use the report to interview candidates and get to know them quickly.


Give yourself every competitive edge you can. One way of doing this is to hire better staff than your competitors. Here you will find an article about Personality Profiling Software and Techniques and you may also want to read about how to use a personality profile test here.

Candidate profiling has come a long way in the last twenty years and when used responsibly sees happy candidates and employers.

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