The People Map

The People Map

Do you know where you sit on The People Map?

Do you know how to interpret the Map and what it means?

The People Map

The PeopleMaps Personality Map

PeopleMaps has been established as the best webs personality profiling tool since 2001 and since then we have taken this idea of The Map further and further.

Personality is complex and we are all unique, yet you will share a lot in common with people in your region of The People Map.

For many years we have written personality reports covering hundreds of topics; from relationships, to career to entrepreneurism.

The reality is that your personality affects pretty much everything you say, think and do. If you can imagine it then we have probably written a personality topic about it.

The Problem With Labels

We have always avoided labels. They restrict you. They hold you back. They are pejorative in nature, they do not accept that you are unique and therefore the pigeonhole you.

No one likes to be pigeonholed.

Carl Jung on whose research the PeopleMaps System is based, was a great believer that everyone is unique. He respected the individual.

Another big problem with labels is they do not accommodate that mobility exists. Your personality is adaptable and flexible. It is not set in stone. And yet as soon as you apply a label to yourself you are effectively setting it in stone. Your personality varies according to your environment and according to the people you are interacting with. It adapts depending on what your environment requires of it.

Which is why we developed The People Map.

The People Map gives you a strong visual picture of where you normally sit on the personality spectrum. It lets you see where you sit in relation to other people.

The People Map gives you a language to communicate with “I am in the East” without pigeonholing you. You have a communication framework without the limitations of labels.

Simple and Friendly

We wanted to create something that was simple and friendly. We didn’t want another spider chart. We didn’t want to alienate people or scare them off.


We also wanted to tap into that sense of discovery that comes with a map of an island. Discovering about our personality is like going on an adventure and there is every likelihood that we will discover something new about ourselves in the process.

No Good or Bad

We also wanted to get across this idea that there is no such thing as a good or a bad personality type. There is not one type better than another. We feel that the map achieves this.

Advanced Features.

On the surface the map is therefore a simple and friendly visual device we can use to describe our personality. However there are a lot of advanced features contained within it.

In the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program you will discover how to read the map in more detail. You will discover what it means to be near the coast or in the mountains. You will know who can cross the lake and who will really struggle.

If you look more closely you will see there are trees and rivers. There is also an ellipse and a pentangle. All have significance and all are able to be interpreted.

If you would like to discover more about your map then apply for a place on the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program.

Alternatively makes sure you get a copy of your own People Map and discover where exactly you reside.

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