Start Your Own Psychometrics Business

If you are looking to break into business psychology consultancy then the PeopleMaps Partner Program is the way to go.

PeopleMaps Partner Program

Within the training you will also discover how to use a psychometric test for recruitment. This is often poorly handled and few employers get the most from the reports they buy. As a PeopleMaps Partner it will be your job to advise them on how to use it properly.

There has never been a greater need for advice. Companies are under extreme pressure. Managers are expected to achieve more and more, with less and less.

Everyone has to raise their game if they are to survive and the greatest natural resource that companies have is their people. It is the only asset that can appreciate with time. People can become better and better at what they do. Machine just wear out.

It will be your people that come up with some great ideas. It will be your staff that solve some big problems. It will be your employees that delight your big customers and make them want to stay with you.

The Partner Program will show you how you can help these busy managers get the most from their people. You will learn how to recruit the right people in the first place and how to manage them to best effect.


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