What is a Personality Test?

Set up a Google alert or a Twitter alert for the words “personality test” and your inbox will be bombarded with notifications;

“I’m one of the final candidates for the job … Just have to pass the personality test!”

I took a personality test today that had 175 true or false questions. One of which was ‘I flew across the atlantic 30 times last year’.”

Does anyone use an Ability test & personality test as part of their company’s recruitment process? If so can we talk offline?”

Took a personality test (I like having it figured out for me) and I’m the exact opposite of my personality type frm 3 years ago. Intriguing.”

“We’re doing a colour personality test today at work. I’m a blue!”

Personality test described me as: Uncompromising, Frank, Astute, Critical, Empirical, Tough, Discerning, Skeptical, Shrewd. AKA: MY MOM”

The bottom line is people talk about “personality tests” all the time. What is intriguing is that a so-called ‘personality test’ isn’t a ‘test’ at all!

What do I mean? Here’s our director of psychology Anne Ellis doing a better job of explaining what a personality test is – and isn’t!

The PeopleMaps personality test – oops, I mean personality assessment – is unique, although based on the psychology of Carl G Jung.

Another misconception – our assessment is based around one unique questionnaire – it’s the same whatever application you want to build, and whatever outcome you wish to produce. We don’t give you a different set of questions to produce your PartnerMaps relationship personality report and your Entrepreneur Secrets personality report, for instance.

You see, our personality test (I know we just told you it’s an assessment, but personality test is the common term of reference, so I’m going to use it) measures your personality, and once we have established your personality we can give you a wide range of outcomes to choose from. You might choose a basic personality report or a more complicated, integrated application. But whatever you choose – it will always start with the same personality test.

The great news about the PeopleMaps personality test is that it should take around 5 minutes to complete – certainly less than 8 minutes. We include a timer just to give you an idea of how long you’re taking. But this shouldn’t pressure or panic you.

The best way to answer the test is by being spontaneous. By spontaneously answering the questions, and not deliberating every nuance of them, your results will in fact be more accurate.

This is all because we have developed the test specifically for completion on the internet. The questions have been designed in such a way that how you answer them provides us with the measurements we need to determine your results. By deliberating too long or getting hung up on each and every question, or by trying to second guess what the questions mean, you will be influencing your answers in a way that might affect your results.

We made another video which will help you understand how to complete the questionnaire:

So to worry about “passing” or “failing” a personality test really isn’t a useful activity – because it is not in fact a “pass” or “fail” measurement – how could one personality be better than another?

PeopleMaps was founded from the principle that personality tests can help individuals better understand their self – and other people – and from that awareness improve their lives.

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