Recruitment Training

Recruitment training is a very cost effective way of giving your company a significant competitive advantage.

PeopleMaps Recruitment Training

recruitment trainingIn practice very few line managers have had any recruitment training. And yet if you could engineer a scenario where your company always hired better staff than your competitors, then you would have given yourself a significant competitive advantage.

Most line managers are making recruitment decisions without any training.

Every Line Managers Should Receive Recruitment Training

Regardless if you use recruitment consultants, every line manager should be trained on how to recruit.

Even if the recruitment consultant is very well trained, the decision still rests with the line manager. Line managers cannot abdicate this decision.

Not all Recruitment Consultants Have Received Recruitment Training

It may surprise you to know that not all recruitment consultants have received recruitment training.

Consultants are often hired because they can sell. Their sales skill is the priority. PeopleMaps has worked with many recruitment consultants who have not had even basic training on basic tools such as personality profiling or psychometrics.

Experience isn’t enough

When it comes to something as complex as recruitment, experience is helpful but it’s not enough. Good training plus experience is a great combination but experience alone is not enough to ensure your line managers hire better staff than your competitors.

Money is not enough

And in case you are of the school of thought that the company who offers the most money gets to hire the best staff, then I have to tell you that this isn’t true.

Offering higher salaries than your competitors does not guarantee you hire better staff.

If you want to hire the best staff then you need to have received better recruitment training than your competitors.

What’s included in the PeopleMaps Recruitment Training

PeopleMaps has a unique approach to recruitment training

Recruitment Training Psychology

Recruitment is all about people and no one understands people better than PeopleMaps. We have been pioneering Jungian psychology since 2001 and will train your line managers on the essential psychology required to make good hiring decisions.

To make good hiring decisions you need to understand what makes people tick.

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system developed from the original research carried out by Carl Jung.

Jung’s theories have been used by employers for over fifty years and many of the most popular personality profiling systems owe much to Jung’s research.

Managers have to manage many resource but the most complex by far are the staff they are responsible for. Humans are complex so the more we understand them the better results

Work Environment Compatibility

Some personality types are more suited to one environment than another. So although humans are adaptable we all have preferences and our productivity and performance is much higher when we are working in an environment that is compatible with our core personality.

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