PeopleMaps Questionnaire Expanded Definitions

Strong and determined

Strong – Unassailable, solid and forceful

Determined – Passionate about issues, opinionated. Resolute in intentions, dominant, committed and  single-minded

Enthusiastic and friendly

Enthusiastic – Lively, spirited, vivacious

friendly- Excitable, enjoys life, light hearted, wants fun. Eager to please. Keen to make friends.

Caring and sharing

Caring – Kind, concerned, affectionate.

sharing – Treats people kindly. Shares willingly with others. Warm-hearted, friendly, neighbourly.

Questioning and careful

Questioning – Examines, probes, alert

careful – Seeks a rational answer for everything. Unhurried, guarded, conscientious, correct, attentive.

Confident and outspoken

Confident – Strong self belief, assertive, frank.

outspoken – Certain of own opinions. Not easily dissuaded. Direct, outspoken, vocal, candid.

Exciting and motivated

Exciting – Stimulating, inspiring, persuasive

motivated – Highly energetic keen to influence others. Enthusiastic, pushy, keen, sociable, eager, dramatic.

Relaxed and supportive

Relaxed – Informal, peaceful, sympathetic.

supportive – Responsive to others feelings. Encouraging, placid, understanding, warm, kin, sensitive.

Methodical and disciplined

Methodical – Logical, structured, businesslike.

disciplined – Regimented in approach to most things. Analytical, formal, attentive, efficient.

Jolly and companionable

Jolly – Cheerful, vivacious, easy-going

companionable – Good natured and neighbourly. Outgoing, lively, radiant, bubbly,

Reliable and warm

Reliable – Trusted, genuine, steady

warm – Affectionate and warm hearted. Caring, benign, pleasant, dependable, loyal

Objective and principled

Objective – Fair-minded, uninvolved, honest.

principled – Honourable and dispassionate. Unbiased, high morals, respectable, decent

Certain and dominant

Certain – Authoritative, dogmatic, valid.

dominant – Forceful and commanding. Controlling, feisty, powerful, effective.

Personable and fast

Personable – Pleasant, smart, unhesitating.

fast – Dynamic and eager. Zealous, animated, keen, cheerful

Helpful and informal

Helpful – Considerate, kind, thoughtful

informal – Unaffected and open. Easy, unceremonious, cooperative.

Accurate and precise

Accurate – Detailed, specific, factual.

precise – Particular and fastidious. Critical, painstaking, scrupulous, exact.

Focused and driven

Focused – Engrossed, determined, intense

driven – Insistent and single minded.  Influential, motivated, strong, leading.

Sympathetic and sincere

Sympathetic – Comforting, considerate, empathetic.

sincere – Straightforward and unaffected. Profound, truthful, consoling, supportive.

Thorough and exact

Thorough – Comprehensive, rigorous, detailed.

exact – Studious and methodical. Exacting, diligent, careful, cautious.

Direct and self-sufficient

Direct – Forthright, categorical, facts

self-sufficient – Independent and unconstrained. Willful, headstrong, Individualistic, contrary.

Communicative and Social

Communicative – Informative, expansive, popular.

Social – Interacting and gregarious. Companionable, amiable, friendly, approachable.

Cooperative and tactful

Cooperative – Harmonious, discreet, subtle.

tactful – Sensitive and mannerly. Civil, courteous, respectful, obliging.

Conscientious and industrious

Conscientious – Diligent, careful, persevering.

industrious – Unflagging and thorough. Vigilant, measured, unhurried, earnest.

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