Psychometric Tests In More Detail

In this page we will explain about psychometric tests in more detail.

PeopleMaps spearheaded Internet based psychometrics as far back as 2000.

Although Psychometric examinations also feature numeracy and education, will not include them in this web page. We are especially dealing with personality in this site.

For years the psychometrics establishment fought the move towards online assessments, asserting that it would not work and that the results would be substandard.

This is not surprising as we saw this very same strategy from the music niche in their stand against online songs downloads. Nonetheless Apple went along with iTunes and changed the world.

PeopleMaps was likewise the pioneer of online psychometric testing and is the only system built from scratch for an on-line audience. PeopleMaps never had a paper based device.


Here is a video explaining more about this in general (excluding personality profiling)



Some of the special features you should look for

1) Online questionnaire layout

Several of the psychometric examinations were initially created as paper based examinations. This means that they take around forty minutes to complete. Far too long for Internet users.

A real on-line examination, will have a short questionnaire, taking less than ten minutes.

2) Instant results

Your outcomes will certainly be provided immediately on the internet.

Numerous service providers who claim to be online will certainly have you wait till they email you. That’s not an on the internet psychometric test, that’s old school e-mail attachment with significant hold-ups.

3) User pleasant user interface

Once again old paper based devices that dragged themselves online often have quite bad user interfaces.

An appropriate online psychometric test will certainly provide you with a user-friendly interface.

4) Internet prices

With good Internet design comes cost savings as its more efficient. So you need to be paying a great deal less for high quality psychometrics. Make sure you are paying web prices not professionals prices.

Range of PeopleMaps Psychometric Tests

PeopleMaps supplies an assortment of personality tests for people and for companies.

Organisations use psychometric tests for recruitment. This on-line application has been especially made for recruiting individuals and offers the recruiter with a psychometric report that features guidance on just what to ask the candidate.

The Psychometric Test application for Managers is designed to assist each supervisor obtain much more from their staff members by helping them understand exactly what makes them tick.

Just what psychology is used

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system. It was created by a leading UK business psychologist and is based upon the research of Carl Jung.

Several various other Psychometric Tests are likewise based on the study of Carl Jung.

PeopleMaps is distinct in a lot of aspects;.

1) It has the quickest questionnaire of all the expert devices readily available to this day. The questionnaire takes either 3 minutes or 8 mins depending upon which version you are using. This is compared to 30 to 40 minutes for various other systems.

In spite of being such a short questionnaire, it is remarkably precise and is definitely efficient in a higher resolution compared to the majority of other providers.

2) Another unique function is the access to instant results. Both the consumer and business applications provide on-the-spot outcomes. No standing by about waiting on emails.

3) The PeopleMaps reports are written in ordinary English. No experts called for to interpret the lingo. The reports are designed that anyone can publish them off, stroll into a job interview and perform one of the most significant meeting of their life.


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