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PeopleMaps has developed Psychometric testing contact centers at an affodable price.

Contact Centres – Don’t ever pay per report again!

Why psychometric testing in contact centers is needed

Contact centrers can employ a lot of people. Staff turnover is often quite high which makes recruitment time consuming and expensive.

To compound the problem, traditional CV based recruitment is of little use.

Often you find you are hiring people with no previous experience. This means you have to interview every applicant, which is very time consuming.

However with the new PeopleMaps Psychometric testing for contact centers you can afford to carry out a psychometric test on each applicant and build a short-list before you interview anyone.

How does psychometric testing contact centers work?

Psychometric testing for contact centers solution, was developed specifically for companies that have a large inbound and outbound teleworking force.

This report will reduce your staff churn rates significantly and save you a fortune as a result. It is simply the most cost effective, time saving way of recruiting in a Contact Center environment.

Firstly you build a “Success Profile”. You can do this by modelling your existing workforce. The system will then tell you which personality types have proven to be most successful in each role you have.

You may now prioritise your interviews to candidates who have a similar personality type to your “Success Profile”.

You should be able to divide your prospect list by 4, which means that if you presently take four days to interview candidates, it will now only take you one day.

You will also know that you are spending time with candidates who are most likely to work out in the long run as you are modelling existing success.

What’s included

Not only are you provided with comments about each of the following sections, but also a quick easy to read graph is provided on each topic.

Interview questions are provided with each topic and the PeopleMaps business psychologists has peppered the report with comments to give you a deeper insight.

When to use the report

If you have a call centre type operation large or small, or some telephone based staff then this report is ideal.

Whether your staff are handling inbound or outbound calls, are in sales or customer service, “Contact Centre” should be an essential part of your recruitment process.

Topics available for use in Contact Centres

  • Dealing with Inbound Calls
  • Dealing with outbound calls
  • Customer Focus
  • Team Leader Potential
  • Candidate’s likelihood of staying in the job
  • The kind of work environment management should create to get the best from this candidate

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