How to Land Your Dream Job : secrets revealed

WARNING: There’s nothing else like this available on the web – participate in this home study course and you’re putting yourself at an unfair advantage over other job seekers…

Dream Job 2nd Edition

Land Your Dream Job : A Step-By-Step Programme to Finding Your Ideal Job

Your personality-specific guide for a new media age

Module one lays the foundation and contains several “Secrets” and stacks of personality content to help you understand the psychology of successful career development. It provides you with the insider information on how recruitment works.

Module two outlines your career development strategy and again is packed full of personality content. There is nothing held back as far as personality specific content as the initial part of the voyage is one of self discovery.

Module three sees you get your sleeves rolled up and get to work. We have aimed to make this course as interactive as possible so there are lots of exercises built in. Don’t worry – it’s all broken down into simple steps with the focus on discovering exactly what it is you want to do; what you were made for. from personal experience I can vouch that once you crack this nut everything else becomes real easy. Again it is packed full of personality content.

Module four is where it starts getting tactical. Step by step you will see your plan forming before you. More exercises, more personality content and more refinement of your message and positioning. This is the part that makes you very attractive and very appealing to employers.

Module five is where it all starts to come together. This is it, this is the part that will show you step by step how to get those job offers coming in, even if you never send another CV again. Even if you have never used the Internet for anything more than email, you will soon find yourself wielding these powerful tools like a pro. It will tell you what to use and how to use it. By the end of this two-part module you will know how to use social media to get the job you want.

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