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Personality Profiling for Better Recruitment, Retention, Management, Staff Development and Teams.

Recruit The Best

Reduce your recruitment risk and hire the very best candidates with Interview Pro personality reports. 

OnBoarding and Management

Use the OnBoarding & Managing Others Suite of personality reports to reduce staff turnover and increase productivity. These reports are like the operating manual to help managers get the best from new and existing staff.

Manager & Staff Development

The Leadership Suite is designed to help managers become more effective managers by understanding how their personality affects the way they manage. The Staff Development Suite will help individual staff members.

High Performing Teams

Research shows that personality-centric teams outperform standard teams. The Team Suite of personality reports will build better teams for you.

Give Your Organisation An Unfair Advantage 

Develop Your Strategic Advantage By Understanding Your Most Valuable Resource – Your People

Some personality types will thrive in your job role, whilst most others will struggle. This is regardless of their skills, qualifications or experience. This is purely a function of their personality type.

Personality affects everything within your organisation. Develop your understanding of it and you will develop your competitive edge.

What Can Personality Profiling Do For You?

Give You A Competitive Edge

When your people are your most valuable asset, personality profiling will help you get the very best from them and give you a competitive edge in the process. If your staff are more effective than your competitors, then you have a significant edge in the market.

Reduce Staff Turnover

When people quit their job it’s incredibly disruptive. The reality is that some people will be able to cope with your work environment better than others. When someone struggles to cope with their work environment, they leave. However, hire the right personality type and they will stay and you will reduce your staff turnover. 

Increase Productivity

A deeper understanding of personality will provide you with the insight required to increase each individual’s productivity and engagement.

More Effective Management

Provide managers with the information they need and they will get more from the staff they manage and from themselves.

Do We Need Special Training?

PeopleMaps is designed to be user friendly and easy to use. These jargon-free reports can be used by anyone. No interpretation is required. Short, online training videos are provided to get people up and running quickly, however, the system itself is easy to use.

What Psychology Is It Based On?

PeopleMaps is based on the research of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist who published the book “Psychological Types” in 1921.

What business problems can it solve?

People are complex and many of the problems we experience are “people problems”. More specifically you can use personality profiling to tackle; absenteeism, engagement, productivity, recruitment, motivation, teams, managing others and lots more.

How long is the questionnaire?

Due to its unique design, the PeopleMaps Personality questionnaire only takes 5 minutes to complete and yet it produces incredibly accurate reports.

Is it accurate?

PeopleMaps has been developing personality applications for over 20 years. 1.5 million people have completed the personality assessment. The reports are incredibly accurate. Read your own report and judge for yourself.

Enterprise Level 1

Hire The Right People

The Interview Pro Suite of personality reports is designed as an interview guide ensuring you get to know your candidate before hiring them. They not only tell you about the candidate, but the reports also include interview questions to ask, in order to get to know the real person.

All reports are written in plain English and may be used right away, without any specialist training.

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Enterprise Level 2

Hire, OnBoard and Manage

Level 2 provides additional tools. Shortlist Pro will save you time if you receive large numbers of applicants by prioritising all your candidates.

OnBoarding & Managing Others will get your new candidates off to the very best start by empowering line managers with the information they need. These reports are like the operating manual for each employee. People are complex and these reports help managers reduce staff turnover and increase productivity.

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Enterprise Level 3

Management development

Level 3 sees the addition of the Leadership & Management Development Suite. This suite of reports helps each manager understand their own personality and how it affects the way they manage. 

Level 3 also sees the addition of the Staff Development Suite. These reports are designed to be handed to staff members to help them realise their potential by developing a better understanding of self.

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Enterprise Level 4

Better teams

Level 4 sees you with the entire product range plus the addition of the Team Suite.

Personality plays a huge part in how successful a team works together. The Teams Suite along with the associated training will see your teams rise to new, higher levels of performance.

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How It Works

1 - Get Candidate (or Employee) to complete the questionnaire

The personality questionnaire only takes 5 minutes, so it doesn’t inconvenience anyone.


2 - Select The Application

You have many report designs to choose from. You can read more than one report about each individual and they only need to complete the questionnaire once. Pick the applications you want to use.

3 - Read the report

Each report is written for a specific application. Make sure you read the most relevant report to your current need. 

Advanced Software Features

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