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Personality Reports For 1-2-1 Coaching 

The Coaching Pro range of reports has been designed for trained coaches to use with their clients. They are only available via PeopleMaps Certified Coaches.

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Personality reports designed specifically to help your clients with their career choices.



Help your clients understand how their perosnality affects their relationships.


Build your executive coaching practice with this powerful personality report.

coaching pro strengths for personal development

Strengths & Motivation

This report is designed to help with any kind of personal development program. it is an excellent report to help an individual understand self and how their personality is affecting their day to day life.

It is around 20 pages long and designed to be handed to the individual who completed the questionnaire.  However, it should always be used as part of a coaching program and is therefore only available via a PeopleMaps Certified Coach.

  • The Personality Map
  • Key Strengths
  • Challenges
  • Natural Preferences
  • Motivation
  • Stress
  • Over 20 Personality Gauges
career personality report


Career coaching is one of the most popular coaching services. Surveys indicate that most people are in the wrong job. What do we mean by “the wrong job”? well something that is incompatible with their core personality type.

If one only considers skills and qualifications when making a career decision, you are missing out the most important element. The people who love their work and excel at it, are in jobs that are compatible with their core personality type.

This personality report is designed to help people ask the right questions and think more deeply about what they need from their work, besides money.

The report includes;

  • The Personality Map
  • Strengths & Challenges
  • Your Manager
  • Yur Colleagues
  • Communication Style
  • Over 20 Personality Gauges
  • ….and lots more
entrepreneur personality test


Are you coaching entrepreneurs? This could be people who are thinking to start their own business or people who already run their own business. If so, you will love this personality report.

Like all of this series of reports, it is written to the individual who completed the questionnaire. it is written to the entrepreneur.

PeopleMaps has found successful entrepreneurs across the personality spectrum. There is no personality type that has a monopoly on being a successful entrepreneur. The challenge is to discover what approach works best for the individual and this is largely determined by their personality type.

This report is over 20 pages long and talks about all the main issues that every entrepreneur has to deal with;

  • The Personality Map
  • Motivations
  • Sales Ability
  • Decision Making
  • Management Style
  • Planning
  • Pressure
  • There are over 20 Personality Gauges included

Relating To Others

This personality report is very unusual in that it looks at the dynamic of how two personality types interact.

If you are coaching people on their relationships or if they are simply having trouble getting along with people, then this report may be exactly what you need.

it not only describes the personality of the individual who completed the questionnaire, but it also provides then with a section where they can look up other personality types and discover how they naturally interact.

It is often used in conjunction with the Relationships personality report.

Other personality types see the world very differently from how we do. Their needs are different, they communicate differently, they react differently. This personality report helps you understand this in a broad sense.



As a coach, you may find yourself talking to clients about their relationships.

This personality report will help them understand how their personality affects the way the form significant relationships.

People are complex, so when you put to or more together in a relationship, it can get very complex.

If you are working with a couple on their relationship then each party should have their own report.

However, it’s not just romantic relationships. It can be used to help resolve business relationships too.

If you are coaching a team or a board or a business partnership, then you can use these report to help people understand themselves and each other and identify what issues arise s a result of their different personality types.



Do you coach executives and senior managers? If so, you and your clients will love the Executive personality report.

This is a 30 page, detailed personality report covering all the major issues that affect executives the world over.

If you really want to help your executive clients, you need to understand them. This report will give both you and your client an incredible insight into their personality and how it affects them in their work.

The report is in four sections;

  • Management of Self
  • Management of Things
  • Management of People
  • Management of Stress

It includes the Personality Map and over 25 personality gauges.

weight management


PeopleMaps has worked with a number of weight management coaches and developed this report in response to their client’s needs.

Clearly, our personality type affects how we manage our weight (and our health in general). This report provides the individual and their coach with an insight into what issues may come up that could affect a successful weight management regime.

Different personality types have different issues.

Knowing in advance what some of the issues may be can help the individual implement some mitigation and support to ensure success.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“May I wish you every success in this new launch. I’ve never found a hint of anything but well-informed professionalism in everything you do. The support I’ve received from you when in difficult times and the non-quibble response to my concerns always guarantees you my respect and attention when contacted by you.

I think your aids to raising self-awareness and overview of the industry of recruitment put many of us who listen to what you have to say at a serious competitive advantage over others who seek to rely on determination and self-criticism to get through; an approach which brought me to the edge of despair and made me easy prey to those seeking to exploit my resources for their own ends.

May I wish you continued success and satisfaction in your business and in providing real help to others.”


“You are so right that I need to consider what suits my personality! I studied a subject because it interested me but I didn’t give enough respect to the notion that the end job wasn’t for me. It required me to ‘act upbeat’ ‘talk to people all day, every day’. What was I thinking – no wonder I was unhappy having to adjust my personality to suit a job. I am not a ‘people’ person! Hope you can help me find a better fit. “


This is a very good course and career coaches should have this as part of their tool kit. The course touches on how to help clients decide on what career path to follow. It works for all age levels from teens about to go to University in picking a major, and for seasoned managers in the workforce. I like the explanation that the jobs that make us happy are the ones that naturally align well with our personality.

Something that stood out for me is the Strength/Weakness portion. There are always interview questions on those. It is good to know that every personality trait is a strength depending on the situation. ………And may also be a weakness depending on the situation.


Personal Coach, New York

Frequently Asked Questions

What psychology is this based on?

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system based on the research of Carl Jung.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community.

Is it accurate?

We are confident that you will find the report to be incredibly accurate. We have many happy, repeat customers for PeopleMaps personality reports. This is a professional profiling system.

Can I try it out first?

Yes, You are provide with a free extract from your report. Your full report is 40 pages long. Your free report extract will give you an idea of just how insightful the personality report is. if you are still not sure, then try the free extract.


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