Personality Products

PeopleMaps has revolutionised the world of personality profiling – we’ve made personality-centric psychometric tests truly affordable, accessible and available – to you for many different business and personal applications.

The unique personality questionnaire was developed by us to give accurate and instant results online, and we use the same questionnaire for all your personality products.

Applications for business include a wide range of
reports available from as little as under £10 with no minimum order requirements – pay as you go.

Larger users can benefit from a monthly license fee – and everyone can choose to pay in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars.


PeopleMaps was conceived originally to service jobseekers, and as such we deliver a wide range of personality reports around career management.

There is also a series of reports for personal and romantic relationships.


PeopleMaps has always operated an affiliate partnership model, where partners benefit from a generous revenue share.


The best personality reports in the world!

The individual profiles produced from the questionnaire are wide and varied – the thing about personality is its ubiquity – for personality is present where ever there are people.

There are some markets where personality based psychometric tests are commonly used – for staff recruitment, for personal coaching and now also for dating. PeopleMaps covers all these bases with a whole range of personality reports and solutions designed specifically to address your needs in those areas;

Prepare for an upcoming interview

Get over an old relationship

Make a better CV

Reduce staff attrition rate

Conduct a better interview

Discover your ideal job

Give a better staff assessment

Recruiting specific job roles

Improve your existing relationship

Build better work teams

And many many more…

The bottom line is, personality profiling helps you understand self – and others. It provides a shortcut to understanding your core drivers and behaviours. Understanding can lead to forgiveness, tolerance and progress. Profiling is a tool that you can apply for success – in life and business.

Talk to us if you have an application for which profiling will help. We can help turn it into reality.

Bespoke Development for International Recruitment

Do you need the Questionnaire in another language? The PeopleMaps Questionnaire is already available in Polish, Thai and Slovak. Contact us if you have another language requirement.

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