The PeopleMaps Personality Map

Where do you sit on The PeopleMaps Personality Map?

The PeopleMaps Personality Map

The PeopleMaps Personality Map

PeopleMaps has been developing personality profiling applications since 2001. The PeopleMaps Personality Map is how PeopleMaps illustrates personality type and it is our alternative to using labels.

The PeopleMaps Personality Map as a Communication Device

Although you are unique, you share a lot in common with other people who reside near you on The Map. This lets us use a common language and communicate something about our personality without the inherant problems that come with using labels.

It’s OK to say “you reside in the North East“. This gives me some indication of your personality, whilst also respecting your uniqueness. Even within the North East there is a wide range of personality types.

The Problem With Labels

Despite that it would be more convenient, PeopleMaps has always avoided labels.

Labels restrict you. They hold you back. Labels are pejorative in nature and they do not celebrate your uniqueness. In short they pigeonhole you and no one likes to be pigeonholed.

PeopleMaps is a Jungian system. Carl Jung  believed strongly, that everyone is unique. PeopleMaps sticks to this approach as far as is practically possible.

But the problems with labels don’t stop there. Most other profiling systems ignore the fact that mobility exists in personality.

Your personality is adaptable and flexible. It is not set in concrete. But when you apply a label you are setting it in stone.

Your personality varies according to your environment and according to the people you are interacting with; it adapts.

So although it’s true that most people vary around a relatively small area on The Map, it is still important to recognise your mobility.

The PeopleMaps Personality Map gives you an easy to recognise picture of where you normally reside on the personality spectrum. It also enables you see where you are in relation to other people.

The PeopleMaps Map let’s you communicate with “I am in the East” without pigeonholing you. And you can do this without being labelled.

Simple and Friendly

The PeopleMaps Personality Map is deliberately cartoon like. So although it is a very sophisticated device, it is presented as something friendly and accessible. PeopleMaps has always been about accessibility, not exclusivity.

So although the Map can tell you a lot about a person, most people will use it at its simplest level – as a communication device.


Discovering who you really are, is an amazing and fascinating adventure, which is another reason PeopleMaps uses the Map. It is reminiscent of a treasure hunt. Discovering new things about yourself is a bit like discovering treasure.

No Good or Bad Personality Type

It matter not where you reside on the PeopleMaps Map as there is no such thing as a good or a bad personality type. There is not one type better than another. There is nothing pejorative about The Map.

Advanced Features.

Although simple looking on the surface, The Map has many advanced features.

We train you how to use the advanced features and interpret The Map in the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program.

This course explains in detail the psychology underpinning The Map and explains the significance of being near the coast or in the mountains, for example.

Everything on The Map has significance. The trees and rivers. The ellipse and pentangle. All have significance and all are able to be interpreted.

If you would like to discover more about your map then apply for a place on the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program.

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