Licensed Practitioner

Licensed Practitioner

Discover how personality psychology works and how to apply it with the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program.

As a PeopleMaps licensed Practitioner you will discover why people do what they do. You will learn how to read the PeopleMaps Personality Map and gain an insight into human behaviour.

There are two distinct aspects to the Licensed Practitioner Program;

  1. Business Applications
  2. Personal Development Applications

Who Can Apply

The program is suitable for established coaches / consultants and also for complete beginners.

If you are looking to get started in coaching or consultancy then the PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner Program is an excellent way to do so.

If you are already an established coach then you can bolt on PeopleMaps to your existing suit of services.

Many coaches use personality reports with their clients but we believe the PeopleMaps System has more to offer you.

What’s Covered In The Program

In the basic training component you will have the core concepts of Jungian psychology explained. You will also have the PeopleMaps System explained in great detail including;

  • The PeopleMaps Control Room
  • The PeopleMaps Topics Libraries
  • The 12 Laws of Personality
  • The Six Energies
  • The People Map

The PeopleMaps Control Room

As a Licensed Practitioner you are provided with your own Control Room Account. This is the heart of the PeopleMaps system and it is essential that you are familiar with all its features and how to apply them.

The 12 Laws of Personality

Personality is complex however the 12 Laws of personality help us apply our understanding of personality psychology in everyday situations. When working with clients or looking at a business problem, I generally start by looking to see which of the 12 laws is being broken. Wherever you find a problem, you discover that at least one of the 12 laws of personality is being broken.

The PeopleMaps Topics Libraries

Within the PeopleMaps Control Room are located the topic libraries  There are over a hundred topics to choose from It is important that you are familiar with the topics and know where and when to use each topic.

The Six Energies

The PeopleMaps System, although based on the research of Carl Jung, has been developed from the ground up and is explained using a language more suitable for a 21st century audience.

The People Map

The most visually distinctive element of the PeopleMaps System is of course The People Map. This is a visual representation of personality. In this part of the training you will discover how to read and interpret the Map. You will discover the advanced features of the map that most users are never shown.

Personal Development Applications

There are several modules that apply to personal development so if you are working 1-2-1 with clients then you may want to use some of these modules;

  • Career Coaching
  • Magnificent Managers
  • Confidence
  • Relationships

Business Applications

There are a number of business applications you can apply. These include the “Workshops In A Box ” series, where you will be provided with everything to enable you to deliver specific workshops to a group.

  • How To Hire – The Psychology of Selection
  • Team Excellence

How To Apply

Please register for a free PeopleMaps Control Room account, making sure you register as a Coach. Once inside your Control Room you can request details about the Licensed Practitioner Course. Go here and register now for your free account.


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