How To Use The PeopleMaps Map

How To Use The Map When Recruiting

Communication Device

PeopleMaps does not use labels, preferring to use the Map instead.  Labels tend to be pejorative and cloud objective opinion. People are too complex to be accurately defined by a single word or acronym.

However by referring to the map you can at least compare and refer to candidates / employees, by using their location on the map, i.e: John is in the North East of the Map and Sarah is in the South West of the map.

At its basic function the Map is an aid to communication, where you can refer to an individual’s location on the Map.

Success Profile Builder

Use the Map in conjunction with the Success Profile Builder. The Work Environment Analyser report will provide you with an indication of where abouts on the Map your ideal candidates are most likely to be found (the Map in the right). This is your Success Profile. You may therefore compare the candidate’s Map (the Map on the left) with your Success Profile.

Advanced Training On The Map

Advanced Training Available

For those who wish to understand the psychology underpinning the Map, advanced training is available.

PeopleMaps provides an online video training course about the PeopleMaps Map and how to interpret it.

It is not essential to complete this training to use the Map as described above, however if you are interested in more training please contact PeopleMaps directly.

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