The Science Behind PeopleMaps

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PeopleMaps Personality Questionnaire

Psychometric testing can measure knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality. A few years ago, PeopleMaps designed a fast, easy questionnaire to specifically measure personality. This unique personality test took PeopleMaps 18 months to develop and consists of only 10, four part questions which can be completed in under 8 minutes. Designed exclusively for personality centric psychometric testing on the web, it results in maximum accuracy. We use the same questionnaire, whatever the application.

Personality Profiling
What is a Personality Test?

PeopleMaps Personality Psychology

The most common response by visitors reading their report is “spooky!”. Because we’re not scary, we’re pretty sure this means its accurate đŸ˜‰ The psychology we use to formulate the questionnaire  and the personality profiles is based on the work of Carl G Jung, like some other common profilers such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Psychology of Carl G Jung
Validity and Reliability of Profiling

PeopleMaps Personality Factoids

  • There is only one PeopleMaps questionnaire (no matter the application or the Widget output)
  • The questionnaire was designed originally and specifically for the internet (so it’s quick and easy)
  • The questionnaire measures on Jung’s bi-polar scales of Extravert / Introvert, Thinking / Feeling,  Sensing / Intuition
  • There is actually no such thing as a personality ‘test’ – it is an assessment (personality is neither right nor wrong)
  • Over 1.2 million visitors have completed the PeopleMaps personality questionnaire
  • The PeopleMaps questionnaire is available in different languages, including Thai and Slovak
  • PeopleMaps technology allows you to develop your own personality profiling system
  • The Widget interface and output can be fully customised for your very special projects
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