Team Excellence Level 1

Develop Exceptional Teams With This Power Packed Workshop In A Box

Are you looking for a Team Building workshop?

Then you will love this workshop in a box.

Team Workshop


What is it?

This is a Workshop in a box. Everything you need to deliver the workshop on Team Excellence.

The Team Excellence workshop is based around Jungian psychology and each person’s PeopleMaps personality report.

The workshop explores the individual personality type of each person on the team and then also looks at the personality dynamic of the team as a whole.

What You Get

You get everything you need to deliver the Team Excellence Workshop. No prior knowledge is required about teams or about psychology.

  • You get the slides to effortlessly take you through each step of the workshop.
  • Workshop exercises are included.
  • Speakers Notes.
  • Personality Report Design (you can order the reports you need in your Control Room)

Everything is delivered digitally and online.

Workshop should take between one and two hours to deliver.

Suitable for groups of 4 to 40.

Who Is It For

It is designed as a “train the Trainer” program so anyone can use it to deliver the Team Excellence Workshop.

  •  HR.
  • Trainers .
  • Consultants.
  • Managers.
  • Any individual who is interested in team development.

Resales rights

If you want to charge clients for delivering this workshop, then that’s OK. You may deliver the workshop as your own service and charge what you like for doing so.

How Much Is It?

The Workshop in a Box is £295 for all the digital material. This is a one time only fee and you may run the workshop more than once at no additional charge. This is a significant saving on bringing in someone to deliver the workshop.

In addition you will need to purchase personality reports for each person attending. These are available in your Control Room. You may register for a free account here. Reports cost as little as £5 depending on your package.

To order a Workshop In A Box please contact PeopleMaps  by raising a ticket here and specifying which workshop you are interested in.

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