Travel writer Vicky Baker has put together this great article in the Guardian newspaper about so-called “modern day nomads”, and we were particularly eager to participate!


It’s always been part of the PeopleMaps’ Philosophy to see people living a life that suits them. We call it “personality-centric living”, and it isn’t just about convenience – it’s also about dreams.

Dream travel doesn’t have to exist only in the realms of gap years, sabbaticals and retirement villages: each of the “nomads” featured in Vicky’s article run successful businesses whilst on the road. And you can too – if that’s your dream… after all, we’re living proof. (Read more about how we do it in this interview on Location Independent Parents website).

You Too Can Work From Anywhere

PeopleMaps is launching the PeopleMaps Partner Program. This lets you enter the business of personality profiling and its applications.

One of the central benefits of the Partner program is that you will be able to conduct your business entirely online or over the phone.

Imagine no more meetings.

PeopleMaps made the decision some time ago not to go to meetings. Every customer that PeopleMaps has was accumulated without going to any meetings.

If you want to work from Spain then you can.

If you have a second home in the country that you never get to see because you have to go to an office every day, then why not work form there.

The article will tell you about how Julie, Ruaridh and I travelled and lived in France for three months. What it doesn’t tell you is that the business had a boom summer during those three months. Our travels never interfered with the business.

In fact we built the travel into our communications. I told my customers and prospects about our travels and they found it interesting and engaging.

There are many reasons to become a PeopleMaps Partner however not least of them is the fact that you can conduct the entire business over the phone or over the internet.

I can’t wait to hear about how you have relocated to Spain, where the cost of living is half what it is in the UK and where the sun shines pretty much every day.

Lifestyle is really important. Sure we all want to pay the bills but we also want to have a life. I enjoy travelling and I prefer to do it at a leisurely pace. I don’t rush about when I travel. I sit and watch the world from a cafe.

I live in Scotland most of the time hich is not exactly at the centre of things, however I have clients all over the UK and overseas. Kuwait, Thailand and even Africa. Me being in Scotland isn’t a problem. You being in Spain or Morocco isn’t a problem either.

So if you fancy a change of scenery and you don’t mind spending some time on the phone and sending some emails then take a closer look at the PeopleMaps Partner Program.

Dig out your passport and design the life you actually want.

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