Work Environment

To enjoy high productivity and exceptional performance you need to understand a few things about the work environment.

Work Environment Matters More Than You Realise

I’m not much of a gardener but this analogy explains clearly the significance of work environment.

If you can take a very healthy plant, the best in its class, and plant it in the wrong environment, then it will never realise its potential. It may even die.

Even if you have never had a garden in your life, you know that some plants like shade and some like sun. Some plants like wet soil and some like it dry.

Well in their own way, people work in a very similar way.

Only By Understanding Work Environment Can You Hope To Put The Right Person in The Right Job

Everyone who is recruiting would genuinely say that they believe it makes sense to put the right person in the right job.

Where we start to run into problems is that we don’t really know how to do such a thing.

If I go back to the garden analogy; if you don’t know anything about the plant and you don’t know anything about the various places around the garden, then you have little or no chance of putting the right plant in the right place.

At best you are guessing and you will be lucky if the plant even lives. It’s very unlikely that it will realise its potential.

So you need to know two things;

  1. What work environment are you offering?
  2. What is the personality of candidate?


What work environment are you offering?

This is not immediately apparent. It has little to do with the desk and chairs. It has a lot to do with the day to day things that we generally take for granted and ignore.

It is a quiet office, free from interruption. It is the kind of place where ideas are encouraged and acted upon.

How long does it take for ideas to be adopted. Are they encouraged? Are they ever adopted?

What are the biggest factors affecting Work Environment?

The biggest factors affecting our work environment are generally human ones. It’s the human stuff that we feel most strongly.

It’s the suggestion box that never gets a reply, that poisons our environment. It’s the lack of appreciation for working late or at the weekend that kills it for us.

For some it’s the chaotic decision making and for others it’s the repetitive routine.

 What has the personality of the candidate got to do with work environment?

In the same way that there is no such thing as a perfect place for all plants, there is no such thing as a perfect work environment for all people.

What one person loves and other person hates. Where one person thrives another may fade away.

And it’s all to do with their personality type.

You need to understand their personality type and then understand what their very nature requires in order to thrive.

A personality report will tell you a lot about what a person needs if they are to thrive and prosper.

If you want to enjoy high productivity and see your staff thrive and be at their very best, then you need to know what you are offering and ensure that you hire people that it suits.

You can also modify the work environment to suit people. It’;s not so easy to modify people to suit you environment. Not sure it has ever been accomplished.

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