If you really want to place the right people in the right job then you need to use the PeopleMaps Work Environment Analyser Tool.

Work Environment Analyser ToolWe all quite happily talk about putting the right people in the right job. Experience will have already taught you that it takes more than the required skills set to experience a good hiring decision.

In fact the chances are you have learned the hard way, that all the skill in the world doesn’t compensate for the human stuff that ultimately defines a poor hiring decision.

Let’s assume that you can figure out if they have the required skills and experience. That’s the easy bit. The hard part is ensuring they fit in with the line manager (that’s probably you) and that they get on with the rest of the team and perhaps the clients. It’s usually problems in these areas that determine if its a bad hiring decision.

There are plenty of steps you can take as a line manager to improve the employees work environment however, placing them in a compatible work environment in the first place is the most sustainable.

There are two things you need to know to make good hiring decisions

To place the right person in the right job you need to know two things;

  1. What work environment are you actually offering
  2. What work environment will the staff member / new employ, thrive in.

The Work Environment Analyser Tool

This is where the Work Environment Analyser Tool comes in. It has been designed to help you define exactly what work environment you are offering.

If you want to put the right person in the right job then you need to know what you are actually offering. You need to be clear and honest with yourself.

There is no point going out of your way to hire someone because they are creative, original thinkers, who have incredible people skills. If you are going to place them in a isolated bureaucratic environment, where ideas are never implemented.

The Work Environment Analyser Tool will help you create an honest picture of the actual work environment you are currently offering.

User Guide

The following short video demonstrates exactly how easy it is to use the Work Environment Analyser Tool.

You will need to have an up to date PeopleMaps account. Please contact PeopleMaps if your Control Room looks different from the one in the video.


You Have Two Choices

Once you have this piece of the jigsaw, you now have two choices.

  1. Hire people who will thrive in your existing environment
  2. Modify the environment to be more compatible with the person you want to hire.

Common mistake

A common mistake we see is that employers expect employees to change to suit the environment. It’s a natural expectation but it’s folly. People do not change their personality. They all come with natural preferences and although they can cover them up and compromise for a while, it’s ultimately unproductive and unsustainable.

So rather than try and change the personality of employees, change the work environment so that it is more compatible with them.

Different personalities need different work environments

There is no one ideal work environment. Different people need different things. Where one person finds deadlines extremely stressful, another finds them exciting and an appealing part of the job.

Where one employee loves make presentations to large groups of people, another will be physically sick at the thought of it.

A lot of energy gets invested in trying to change people but it’s much easier to change the environment.

The Work Environment Analyser Tool Helps People Thrive

What you ultimately want as a line manager is to see each of your staff thrive and realise their potential. When you provide an environment that is so natural for them that they can really thrive, then you will see lower staff turnover rates and increased productivity. You will have given yourself a significant competitive edge.

How To Access The PeopleMaps Work Environment Analyser Tool

First make sure you have a PeopleMaps account. Register above as an employer and you will be taken to the right Control Room.

Then upgrade to the Recruiters Pack and select the Work Environment Tool form the Tools menu.

It’s very easy to use and an instructional video is found inside your Control Room explaining how to use it.


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