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Most people are in the wrong job and are pursuing the wrong career. Save years of trial and error by discovering what job is right for you.


Enjoy Work

Most people do not enjoy their work. People who are in the right job, enjoy their work. You too could be enjoying your work.

Get Paid More

When you are in the right job then you tend to get promoted faster. You also tend to get paid more because you will be good at what you do.


Your Ideal Boss

If you have ever had a boss that you did not get along with, then you know how miserable it can make your workplace. Volume 2 will explain what it is you need from your boss. You will discover what your ideal boss looks like.


Your Nightmare Boss

You will also discover what your nightmare boss looks like and how to avoid them. (Tip : You can discover this before you accept the job)


Working With Others

You will discover the conditions you need to work well with others and what causes you to not work well with others.



Some jobs include a lot of rejection. You will discover how well you cope with rejection and what to do about it.


Group work or isolation?

Are you better working in a group every day or working in isolation? Discover what works best for your personality type. (Get this wrong and it’s unlikely you will enjoy your job)


Dealing With The Public

Are you cut out for dealing with the public and talking to strangers? Most personality types do not enjoy dealing with strangers. Discover if you are one of them.


Company Ethics and Values

Does the company put profit before staff? Does it care about staff turnover? Does it take care of its staff? Your personality type will determine which of these issues affect you and Volume 3 will explain the values you need to see in any organisation you work for.


Decision Making

How does the company reach decisions? Different organisations use different approaches. Some will work well for you and some will see you quit your job. Discover what works for your personality type.


Approach To Quality

how important is quality to your personality type? What quality standards do you need to see in the company you choose to work for?


Systems and Process

People quit jobs over small stuff. For some, it may be that the systems and processes are not suitable. Are you one of those people?



How much appreciation does someone with your personality type require to remain happy at work? Volume 3 will tell you.


Example Company Descriptions

Several organisations are described in detail. You will be able to read each description and decide for yourself which one you would prefer to work for. Most people are working in the wrong work environment. Use this to ensure you are not one of them.


More Detailed Personality Overview

Volume 4 starts with an even more detailed personality overview about you. It’s time to go deep.


What Motivates you

Discover what really motivates you and what demotivates you. If your work triggers the wrong one, then life can be miserable.


Your Communication Style

Do you know what your natural communication style is? Will you be able to employ it in your work environment. If you are forced to use a communication style that is incompatible with your personality type, life can be difficult.


Detail & Bureaucracy

Some personality types are great with detail, some are not. You need to know where you sit on the spectrum and make sure your work matches your level. if you are detailed but your work doesn’t require it or appreciate it, then life will be tough.



Does your personality type thrive with a deadline or does it bring your stress? Volume 4 will explain this in detail.



Some incentives will help you. others will cause you pain and discourage you. This personality report will explain exactly what you need.



Some incentives will help you. others will cause you pain and discourage you. This personality report will explain exactly what you need.


You As A Manager

What kind of manager are you? Many organisations look at your potential for management, even when appointing you for non-managerial jobs. Volume 5 describes your management style in detail.



What kind of pressure can you cope with? What pressure will make your work life miserable? Volume 5 describes this in detail.



How well do you delegate? How do you like to be delegated to? Different personality types approach this differently.



Does admin come naturally to you or do you dread it? Your personality report will explain how you approach administration. make sure you don’t take a job that is wrong for you.


Problem Solving

Does your personality type like to solve problems? Discover how you approach problem-solving in Volume 5.


Asking For Money

Will your job require you to ask for money from clients? Some personality types never feel comfortable with this and others thrive in it. Which are you?



Some organisations hold a lot of meetings. For some personality types meetings are a very positive thing, for others they are death. you need to understand how your personality type approaches the very idea of meetings.


Leadership Style

Good leaders are found across the personality spectrum. There is no one personality type that makes a good leader. Discover your leadership style and if your true calling is as a leader.


Teams Working

Do you know what your ideal role is in the team? Volume 5 will describe the role you should be playing in your team at work.


Time Management

Are you naturally good at time management? Some personality type are good at managing their time and others will always struggle. understanding how your psychology approaches time management can be extremely helpful when thinking about your career choices.

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