What Job Is Right For Me? What Job Should I Do?

If you are trying to answer the question “What Job Is Right For Me?” then there are some things you should know.

The first thing is that there are some jobs that are right for you . . . .and there are some that you absolutely must avoid.

So what determines if a job is right for you or not?

Well, it has little to do with your qualifications or work experience. They simply tell you about what you have done previously and will only ever deliver more of the same.

Perhaps you picked the wrong course and perhaps you picked the wrong job previously.

Most career advice uses your previous work experience as the starting point as to what you should do next. But you can see the flaw with this approach.

The Most Important Factor When Answering “What Job Is Right For Me?” is Personality Compatibility.

More accurately, it is only when your personality and your work environment are in harmony can you truly experience the job that is right for you.

This is why someone’s dream job is another’s nightmare job.

How Do You Know What Environment Works Best For You?

This is mostly determined by your personality type. For example, some personality types hate tight deadlines and hate to be rushed. other personality types enjoy the thrill of a deadline.

it doesn’t matter what money the employer offers or what promotion is promised you, if the employer cannot provide you with a work environment that is compatible with your personality type, then it will never work out for you and you will soon find yourself looking for another job.

However, if you find a compatible work environment then you are likely to excel in what you do.

The Answer To “What Job Is Right For Me?”

The answer is simple; you need to understand your personality in some detail. A great way to do this is to read your Strengths, Challenges & Motivations personality report

This is the surest way to discover “what job is right for me?

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